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Is World War Z on Netflix in 2023? Answered

Last updated: July 5, 2022

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Do you love zombie movies?

Then, let me tell you, World War Z is a fantastic zombie movie and you’re surely going to love it.

Want to watch World War Z on Netflix, but unable to find it? You must be wondering, is World War Z on Netflix?

If yes, why couldn’t you find it?

If not, what should you do next?

That’s exactly why I’ve written this article.

The movie isn’t available on the Netflix website everywhere. But I have a solution to this problem.

Read on to find out more!

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Stream World War Z on Netflix

Overview of the American Action Horror Film “World War Z”

This is not just an ordinary zombie flick. In fact, this movie brings life to an already exhausted zombie genre.

It is one of those zombie movies where you can expect something new.

This Brad Pitt-starring film follows a zombie outbreak.

A former United Nations analyst is traveling with his family when the zombie outbreak happens in Philadelphia.

He is in a race against time to learn the source of the zombie outbreak before the human race and life as he and his family know it vanishes completely.

The zombies in the movie are different than what we’ve been watching for years now and you’ll have to watch it to know-how.

This fantastic zombie movie was so popular among the fan base that the producers were planning for a sequel.

Though it is currently on hold, I’d bet my life that part II will be coming soon.

Is World War Z on Netflix?

Yes! But if you are in Canada, the USA, or the UK, you won’t find it in your library. This is because of the geo-restrictions on content libraries.

But I’m going to discuss here how you can unlock it from anywhere.

Where Can I Stream World War Z on Netflix?

Right now, it is only accessible on the website in Australia and the Netherlands.

However, practically speaking, you can stream it from anywhere using a simple trick.

Why You Need a VPN to Access World War Z on your Netflix Account

A virtual private network is a tool that empowers you to unlock any content on any streaming platform in the world.


Well, if you are located in Canada and want to stream a TV show that’s available on the Netflix website of some other country, you won’t be able to watch it in Canada.

But, a VPN helps you mask your physical location and switch it to any remote region.

So, you can change your virtual location to the place where the TV series or movies that you wanted to watch are available simply by connecting to a VPN server in that location.

How to Choose the Best VPN to Stream WWZ on Netflix

There are a few parameters that need to be checked before you buy a subscription to any VPN.

Read on to understand them:

☑️Your VPN should be able to easily escape the VPN block of Netflix.

☑️ The VPN apps should be easy to use, work fast on your devices, and shouldn’t leave you in a mess during configuration.

☑️ Plenty of servers worldwide means super-fast connectivity and accessibility to more global content.

☑️ The VPN that you choose should be able to let you connect as many devices as you want through a single user account.

How to Access World War Z on Netflix

  1. The first thing that you need to check is, “Is World War Z on Netflix in your region?”
  2. If not, you will need two things: a VPN subscription and a Netflix account to get it streaming on your device.
  3. Once you pay for a premium VPN subscription and sign up for it, download its app on your device and login.
  4. Next, you will have to connect to an Australian server so you can get access its content library.
  5. And, last but not the least, search for the movie and start watching.

3 Best VPNs to Stream World War Z on Netflix

Below are my top three VPN recommendations for you for watching WWZ from anywhere:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

This is one of the most premium-quality VPNs on the market, and it is the most consistently effective at escaping VPN blocks imposed by OTT platforms.

Its great UHD video quality, superb connectivity, high reliability, the wide span of servers in almost 100 countries, and ultra-fast speed make it my top preference and worth every penny that you spend on it.

ExpressVPN also allows you to test it for up to 30 days with no strings attached with its 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can live chat with a customer service representative if you have any troubleshooting needs or if you want to cancel for a refund.


  • Ultra high speed and UHD video quality
  • Easily configurable and user-friendly apps
  • 3000+ servers in 94+ nations
  • Possibility to connect up to 5 devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • One of the more expensive VPNs

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

With only a small compromise on the speed and video quality, you can get a VPN that costs a bit less than ExpressVPN: NordVPN.

NordVPN has over 5,400 servers, and they are spread across over 60 countries worldwide.

Using NordVPN, you also have the ability to connect as many as 6 devices at once to a single user subscription, which is a good feature in modern life where most of us have multiple devices under one roof.


  • Less expensive than ExpressVPN
  • Over 5,500 servers across 60+ nations
  • Possibility to connect up to 6 devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Some servers aren’t torrent-friendly
  • Desktop apps are slower

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Not only is it the cheapest one on the list, but Surfshark also allows an unlimited number of devices to connect simultaneously to a single subscription.

So, why isn’t Surfshark my top pick for accessing blocks content and TV shows?

Well, Surfshark, while it is a solid provider, does have a few annoying aspects, like that fact that some servers will simply not be strong enough to get past Netflix’s blocks, and you may experience some more buffering.


  • Cheapest on the recommendation list
  • 24/7 support via live chat
  • Possibility to connect an unlimited number of devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • There’s more buffering
  • Apps for all the Apple products work slow

Can I Use a Free VPN to Stream World War Z?

Well, if you want to use a free VPN to stream global content from different OTT platforms across different nations, you may simply be wasting your time.

Most OTT platforms have a VPN blocking system that detects lower quality and free VPNs very easily and won’t let you enter other regions’ content libraries.

Hence, the free ones won’t serve your purpose.

Instead, if you want to play it safe, use one of my top three recommendations for about a month and then ask for a full refund if you feel you aren’t happy with their service or won’t be needing the VPN in the future.

Watch World War Z Cast

The other star cast members in this Brad Pitt-starring movie are:

☑️ Mireille Enos
☑️ Daniella Kertesz
☑️ David Morse
☑️ Michiel Huisman
☑️ Matthew Fo
☑️ Ruth Negga
☑️ James Badge Dale
☑️ Abigail Hargrove
☑️ Pierfrancesco Favino
☑️ Elyes Gabel
☑️ Sterling Jerins

Watch World War Z Genre

It is an apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction that has a lot of action and adventure. The zombie science fiction film has a hint of horror as well as drama in it.

It is packed with so much thrill that you would desperately want its sequel to come out.

Watch World War Z IMDb Rating

It is R-rated and has been given a 7 out of 10 by about 652k voters.


What streaming platform is World War on?

The movie is available to stream on Netflix in a handful of regions.

What country is WWZ on Netflix?

It is available to stream on the Netflix site in Australia and Netherlands.

However, you can easily enjoy it even if you are in the USA, or anywhere else in the world, by using a VPN.


There are movies and TV shows that are sometimes hidden from your Netflix site simply because of geo-restrictions.

One of the best zombie movies, World War Z, is one such movie that you might not be able to watch on your Netflix website unless you are located in Australia or the Netherlands.

Nonetheless, VPN is a piece of software that can help you travel through regions virtually.

It fools the OTT site into believing that you are accessing it from a remote location and thus unlock all the movies and shows available to stream in that region.

So wait no more to stream your favorite movies and shows.

Go stream them right now!

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