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How to Watch Star Sports in the USA in June 2024

Last updated: June 2, 2021

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Star Sports is an absolute must for any sports fan. If you live in India (or East Asia), you’ve probably heard about this online streaming service that let’s you watch football games, cricket matches, and so much more.

Unfortunately, if you are trying to watch Star Sports outside India, all you’ll see is an annoying error message. In order to get around this error message and these geo-restrictions, you will need to use a VPN service. Connecting to a VPN server in India will give you an Indian IP address, making it look like you are watching Star Sports from within India.

Keep reading to learn how to begin enjoying Star Sports from outside India today.

How to Watch Star Sports in USA?

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Star Sports in the USA?

No matter how much you love to watch Star India streaming services, you will not be able to access the amazing Indian sports and live-streaming content from outside the country. The reason for this is that streaming services use geo-tracking technology that can tell where any person is located online, based on his IP Address. If the streaming service detects that your IP address is coming from outside of the permitted territory, it will not allow you to access its content. The reason for this is that content distribution and licensing regulations vary from country to country, making certain content legal for distribution in one location, and banned from another.

By using a Smart DNS (domain name system) or a reputable VPN, you will be able to watch Star Sports outside India quickly and easily from your Amazon Fire TV or another device, once you’re connected to an Indian VPN server. This is a great option to also unblock other sports-related services from around the world like the NFL Game Pass.

You’ll want to make sure you are using a reliable VPN, or you’ll struggle to access Star Sports consistently with buffer-free streaming. With a good VPN, you’ll be able to connect simply and easily, without fuss, and start watching with no long loading time or inconsistent streaming – Just simple and easy access to the best Indian sports, 24/7, which sounds pretty great to me.

5 Best VPNs to Stream Star Sports in USA

At this point, you’ve likely gotten the point that you need a VPN to watch your favorite Indian sports channel; but which VPNs are the best options? Maybe you’ve read about IPVanish, but you’re not sure if it uses a smart DNS system; or maybe you are wondering which VPNs will help you stream Star Sports as well as other services you like to watch, like Netflix and Hotstar.

Here is a list of the top 5 VPN services we recommend for accessing your Star content, as well as other blocked streaming content:

No Provider Review Price/Month Visit Site
1 ExpressVPN Review $6.67 Visit Site
2 NordVPN Review $3.71 Visit Site
3 Surfshark Review $2.49 Visit Site
4 CyberGhost Review $2.25 Visit Site
5 IPVanish VPN $2.69 Visit Site

Can I Watch Star Sports with a Free VPN?

While it is possible to occasionally stream successfully with a free VPN, free servers typically do not have enough power or enough servers to consistently unblock Star Sports in the US, Hotstar.com, or most other blocked streaming platforms. If you are looking for consistent access to your shows, a paid VPN service with a Smart DNS option is a better bet. This way, you can watch a broader range of channels, and enjoy Star Sport or Hotstar quickly and easily from the United States or anywhere else.

On top of this, free VPNs often have too few servers that are located mostly in the most popular locations. This dynamic causes crowding on the servers, which leads to slower connection speeds for users. So, watching Hotstar or Star Sports – even if you are able to access them – will be a slow and buffer-full.

Another very important reason not to use a free VPN is that many free VPNs compromise subscriber privacy online. Because free VPNs do not charge a subscription fee, they are known to make money by selling user data and IP addresses to third parties for a profit.

Fortunately, with a good-quality paid VPN (which is not usually too expensive, anyway), you’ll be able to avoid breaches in privacy and interrupted streaming sessions.

Top Sports and Live Events on Star Sports

Star Sports logo

If you want to watch a range of amazing shows from India, all you need is an internet connection, a streaming device, and a good quality VPN service with smart DNS. You can enjoy all these shows/sports and more (like Hotstar and Netflix), with the right VPN.

☑️ Cricket
☑️ Football
☑️ Hockey
☑️ Formula 1
☑️ Tennis
☑️ Badminton
☑️ Kabaddi
☑️ MMA
☑️ Vivo IPL Cricket Countdown
☑️ Close Encounters and Epic Comebacks in the IPL
☑️ Inside RCB
☑️ MI TV
☑️ The Super Kings Show.


If you want to access the best streaming sites that India has to offer on your TV, Fire Stick, computer, or other devices, you will need a good quality VPN service with Smart DNS for fast and buffer-free video streaming. Whether you’re in the United Kingdom, North America, or South Africa, you won’t want to miss out. With a solid internet connection, you can access a range of shows and sports content available in India on Indian television.

Any of the VPN services we’ve listed on our chart would be great for watching Star Sports, Hotstar, or other popular streaming services. While our top pick is ExpressVPN for its broad server network and fast speeds, you can pick one that is more affordable from the list and enjoy television from around the world.

All of the 5 options listed come with a 30-day money-back guarantee (or 45-day money-back guarantee), so you can test your services with no strings attached.

For most sports enthusiasts around the globe, it’s really a no-brainer.

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