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How to Spoof Pokemon Go Location in 2024

Last updated: August 9, 2021

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If you are a Pokemon GO junkie, you’ve probably already realized that living outside of a populated area can put you at an unfair disadvantage.

Living in a city — or even a suburb — you should have no issues finding your Pokestops, Gyms, or rare Pokemon. Sadly, if you are living in a more rural area, you might come across real-life animals in nature that resemble your Pokemon characters, but you are definitely at a disadvantage in terms of finding actual Pokemon — let alone the rare, coveted ones.

But don’t put your nice country home on the market just yet. There are some ways to get around this geographic dilemma without picking up and moving to somewhere more densely populated!

If you use a reputable VPN app in tandem with a GPS spoofing app, you can fake your location to make it look like you are in a more hopping Pokemon GO area while actually sitting at home in the boondocks.

Pokemons from Pokemon Go

If you have used VPNs before, you may be wondering why a GPS spoofer app is necessary in this situation. Typically, if you are using VPN apps to unblock certain geo-restricted content — like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video — the process only requires you to use a VPN. But, because Pokemon GO actually tries to compare your IP Address location information with your device’s GPS location, getting around these location blocks takes the extra step of using a GPS spoofing app as well as your VPN app.

If Pokemon GO sees that users are faking their location, users can be temporarily banned or blocked from the Pokemon GO site.

Even with this double-pronged method for changing Pokemon GO regions, the process of accessing different areas in Pokemon GO is still pretty simple. Keep on reading to figure out how to find more Pokemon GO action, whether you’re in the US, United Kingdom, or anywhere else in the world

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Spoof Your Pokemon Go Location

Here’s Why You Need a VPN to Spoof Your Location in Pokemon Go

When you are using Pokemon GO, the game can automatically detect your location based on your IP address and your cellphone’s set GPS location. It compares these two pieces of data to be doubly sure that you are not faking your coordinates, which could then cause your IP address to be blocked from playing.

When you use a VPN, your actual IP address and location are hidden, and only your server IP address is visible. This, along with an app to fake your GPS location, allows you to access Pokemon GO from areas around the US and beyond, making certain Pokemon items accessible that are ordinarily out of your reach.

On top of this benefit, using a VPN also ensures that your online activity is encrypted and out of the reach of prying eyes and third parties online.

How to Change Your Location in Pokemon Go

After you have installed your VPN apps on your Android or iOS devices, you will need to also install one of the GPS spoofing apps to hide your GPS location.

Follow these steps to change your IP and GPS location on your iOS or Android:


  1. Pick a reputable VPN and subscribe. We highly recommend NordVPN.
  2. Install your VPN app on your device from the App Store.
  3. Jailbreak your phone so that you can change your set Pokemon GO GPS locations.
  4. After your device is jailbroken, go to the Cydia app store.
  5. Download the tsProtector app to hide the fact that your phone was jailbroken, because Pokemon GO blocks devices that can have been jailbroken.
  6. Install Cydia’s location spoofing app.
  7. Check that your tsProtector and GPS spoofing apps are activated, and pick a location in the US or elsewhere in the mock locations app.
  8. Open your VPN on your device and connect to the same region as your GPS spoofing location.
  9. You’re all set! Go to Pokemon GO and begin your Pokemon search!


  1. Pick a reputable VPN app and subscribe. We highly recommend NordVPN because it has over 5400 servers across the map.
  2. Download the VPN app to your Android devices from the Google Play Store.
  3. Download the Fake GPS location app from the Google Play Store to your Android device.
  4. Go to your device settings on your Android and choose “About Phone.”
  5. Click on “Build Number.” If you continue to click “Build Number” a number of times, you will see that you are now in developer mode which will open up developer options.
  6. Now that you are in developer mode, back in settings, find the “Developer options.”
  7. In “Developer options,” click on links for “Allow Mock Locations” or “Mock Locations App.”
  8. Install the “Mock Mock Locations” module to hide your GPS coordinates from everyone, including Pokemon GO.
  9. Go to this Xposed Module Repository and download Mock Mock Locations.
  10. Turn “Mock Mock Locations” on.
  11. Connect to your VPN on your device and pick an optimal server location for Pokemon GO, like New York, or another big US area.
  12. Turn on the GPS spoofing app and update your location to match the same region as your VPN’s server IP address.
  13. Check to see that your VPN’s IP address is in sync with your GPS app location.
  14. Start looking for your beloved Pokemon!

Can I Use a Free VPN to Spoof Location in Pokemon Go Location

While you are welcome to try using a free VPN version, the free versions tend to be pretty unreliable, and can often compromise your safety online, which is the opposite of a VPN’s intended effect.

Because free VPNs lack the resources that paid VPNs have, they have been known to sell user data and IP addresses to third parties for a profit. Free services also have more frequent IP and DNS leaks and offer fewer server locations than their paid competitors, which leads to slower connection speeds.

Check out the links in this article to access an affordable paid VPN version, NordVPN, that will deliver much better security, privacy, and location-blocking services than any free options.

Best VPN for Pokemon Go

Devices compatible with NordVPN

If you simply google “Pokemon GO VPN,” you will find that Google will have an overwhelming number of search results, none of which will clearly give you an answer as to which VPN to use for Pokemon GO location-spoofing.

After performing extensive reviews of dozens of VPNs on the market and testing VPN apps across devices, trust us (not Google alone) when we say that NordVPN is the best choice to spoof your Pokemon region.

First, NordVPN has over 5,200 servers located in more than 59 countries around the world, so you will never have trouble finding server locations in cities within a more populated region to give you better access to Pokemon GO.

Some other things that particularly worry people online are whether they are browsing anonymously and securely. If you are worried about this, VPNs are actually the best tools to use to keep your online footprint private and safe. NordVPN has military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, a no-logs policy, and IP and DNS leak protection, so you can be sure that no one will see your information or location online — including hackers, authorities, or even your Internet provider. NordVPN also has a built-in blocker for ads called CyberSec that will help keep annoying pop-ups and malware off of your screen.

On top of its VPN server size and security and privacy features, NordVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, which helps prevent the annoying lag that affects so many gamers. So, if you are taking a break from Pokemon GO and want to use another game, this VPN will also be extremely useful.

NordVPN is compatible with iOS and Android, and you can use 6 simultaneous device connections on a single user account, so up to 6 players can be gaming at once, all with GPS spoofing activated.


Can you still spoof in Pokemon Go in 2021?
GPS Spoofing is still doable in 2021, but there will be some consequences if this GPS spoofing is discovered.

If you are caught, you may be temporarily blocked or banned from Pokemon GO games.

While a site ban or block is upsetting, it is good to remind yourself that GPS spoofing is not illegal, so you should never have to worry about getting into any problems with the law for faking your region.


So, I’ve got some great news: Pokemon GO players who want big-city action while living in a small rural area can finally get what they want.

By using a reliable VPN along with using location apps for region-spoofing, you can unblock access to more Pokestops, Gyms, and Pokemon game options, no matter where you are located.

We recommend using NordVPN, as it is one of the best all-around VPNs on the market. NordVPN will allow players to access over 5400 servers in 59 countries across the map, spoofing their location in just seconds to help access more game features, even from the middle of nowhere.

I hope you enjoyed this review and now have a better idea of how to access your GYMS and Pokestops without a problem from outside the big cities. Share these hacks with friends and other local players if you are feeling generous!

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