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5 Best Cpasbien Alternative Sites That Actually Work in 2024

Last updated: May 31, 2021

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While consumers continue to torrent, reliable torrenting websites are slowly becoming extinct. Since governments and ISPs are constantly trying to block these sites, it’s getting harder to access specialized P2P file-sharing networks.

Cpasbien is one of the most widely used torrenting sites for French content, but this site is often blocked, leaving users to wonder if its days are numbered.

We have compiled a list of the top five Cpasbien alternative site options that are currently accessible. These can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you won’t lose momentum on your P2P sharing if your regular site is unavailable.

Remember that, for your security, it is vital that you use a VPN during any P2P activity! Check out our top 5 VPN choices at the bottom of this article.

5 Best Cpasbien Alternatives

1. Torrent9

Torrent9 is a popular site in France, and French-speaking countries. This Cpaspian alternative specializes in torrenting films and games. While this site is currently functional, there is concern that it is next on the chopping block of P2P sites.

2. YGGTorrent

YggTorrent is an alternative torrenting site that has a really wide variety of files available, all of which are easily accessed. To start using YggTorrent, you must create a free YggTorrent account. YggTorrent has a great community and website forum, so if you have questions, you always have somewhere to turn.

3. Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is just as it sounds — a “Kickass” website that is a great P2P alternative. From the Kickass Torrent homepage, you can use the search feature to find content. It also has a great blog that is updated regularly, and a great community to turn to with questions.

GkTorrent is a great alternative to Cpasbian. If you want to download films or content, you can type the exact title you want to watch into its search bar to find it in seconds. GkTorrent will also recommend films (geared toward a French audience) that you can download.

Zetorrents is another of the great alternatives you can use. You can browse the most popular torrents, and also search for your favorite games, films, TV shows, books, music albums, and apps. You can also browse the latest trends at the bottom of the Zetorrents page.

Why You Need to Use a VPN for Torrenting

It’s important to recognize that torrenting comes with risks. While we often overlook laws pertaining to copyright and intellectual property, you could very possibly face legal action, serious fines, or jail time if you download the wrong content.

Using a virtual private network is the only way to protect yourself against these dire consequences. As a rule of thumb, you should always use a VPN when torrenting. A VPN will encrypt your online activity and identity, keeping you safe and anonymous when you are downloading your files.

The best option is a VPN service that has unlimited bandwidth and AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. It is also a great added benefit to find a VPN that is compatible with an array of platforms so that you are able to download from any of your devices.

5 Best VPNs for Torrenting

Here are the top 5 VPN services to keep your torrents safe and secure:

No Provider Review Price/Month Visit Site
1 ExpressVPN Review $6.67 Visit Site
2 NordVPN Review $3.71 Visit Site
3 Surfshark Review $2.49 Visit Site
4 CyberGhost Review $2.25 Visit Site
5 UltraVPN Review $2.99 Visit Site


Whether you are located in France or are just using a French-based torrenting site, it is important and comforting to know that there are alternatives to Cpasbien for your downloading needs — We recommend ExpressVPN as the top VPN for P2P file sharing.

Safe torrenting!

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