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How to Watch SonyLiv in USA in 2024

Last updated: January 1, 2021

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Are you wondering how to start watching SonyLiv in the USA? Then this is the right article for you! In this article, we’re going to review the best ways to access SonyLiv when you live abroad (not in India!), and you are missing some of your favorite shows. SonyLiv is a streaming service that is a lot like Hotstar, and it offers over 31 channels. The majority of its viewer base is in India (since that’s primarily where it streams).

So, if you’re a fan (or just looking to watch something new and exciting), then keep reading for ways to tap into some of the hottest shows, even if you live in the USA, UK, or Australia (or anywhere else in the world, honestly!). Watch Sonyliv in the USA from the comfort of your own house no restrictions on what you can watch.

Sounds ideal, right?

In a Hurry? Here's How to Watch SonyLiv in USA

How to Watch SonyLiv in USA on Android Devices

1. Download one of the top VPNs to your phone or tablet
2. Open the SonyLiv app or website
3. Login and set your region to India
4. Enjoy endless streaming of all your favorite shows, and watch on one of its subscription plans!

Fortunately, you can unblock SonyLiv on your Android device pretty easily, too. Using VPN gets rid of a lot of the problems that come with trying to access SonyLiv from outside India. You get access to an Indian IP address (home Indian servers), so you can share app usage and watch a range of programs, including live sports.

What is SonyLiv?

When you’re not watching Indian television, it can get pretty boring! This is especially problematic when you’re used to living in a country that can access SonyLiv tv shows! That said, if you’re outside India, you won’t want to miss out on SonyLiv! It has so many favorites, family time shows, and exciting dramas to sink your teeth into! It’s similar to Hotstar or HBO in terms of depth and breadth of content and movies, but with a unique twist! If you’re interested in learning the simple steps to hooking up your device, the first step is getting the best VPN provider (which is a pretty simple method).

Watching SonyLiv with VPNs is the ideal way to get around nasty blocks and restrictions (and it’s helpful that most VPNs come with a money-back guarantee). So, if you’re watching outside India (in another country), you can still watch some pretty great titles. All you need is to tap into the flexible IPs that a VPN offers, and you can watch straight away. Watch from the USA (or outside the USA, too!). Tap into everything SonyLiv has to offer.

Why You Need a VPN to Stream SonyLiv Outside India

If you’re watching SonyLiv, it’s always best to share the love, and enjoy your TV time with family and friends. But, to do that, you need the best VPNs the United States has to offer. Indian TV is great, and American VPNs will help you take your watching experience to the next level. With the right VPN, you’ll be able to access the SonyLiv website, through your device, as long as you have the VPN app to help you use these streaming services.

Unfortunately, SonyLiv is partially geo-restricted like Hotstar, Rai TV and Voot. So, using one of these VPNs may be the best option for you to watch your favorite international streaming services from anywhere in the world!

3 Best VPNs to Unblock SonyLiv in USA

There are so many ways to unblock your favorite Indian channels in the US (or outside India). The streaming service SonyLiv needs to be connected to Indian servers in order for you to tap into all your favorite shows, like Kapil Sharma and UEFA Champions League. Read below for the exact steps.

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

When you’re wondering how to watch SonyLiv in USA, ExpressVPN is the obvious first choice. It has consistently been our top pick for VPNs, because of how quick and efficient it is (when compared to its nearest competitors). ExpressVPN is fast, efficient, and loads quickly and efficiently. It’s a little bit pricier than its competitors, but it offers a money-back guarantee, which makes it worthwhile.

If you want to watch SonyLiv or other services like BBC iPlayer in the USA, and you’re ready to get a VPN that’s been proven time and time again, ExpressVPN is pretty good. When I tried it out via the SonyLiv app, there were no hassles using this VPN. If you’re looking for a great VPN to watch SonyLiv, ExpressVPN gets my vote every time!


  1. ExpressVPN split tunneling
  2. Zero-knowledge DNS
  3. 5 simultaneous connections
  4. Downloadable app
  5. 256-bit AES encryption
  6. Anonymous browsing
  7. Best speeds


  1. More expensive than competitors

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

If you’re looking for a VPN that is a little cheaper but still very effective, NordVPN might be the right choice. Perfect for streaming SonyLiv, it comes with a money-back guarantee. Typically, this isn’t as good as ExpressVPN, but it’s still very fast, efficient, and works well. When it comes to connecting to a range of different servers, NordVPN actually stands out a bit. It helps you connect to an Indian server effectively, and is a good VPN to access services like SonyLiv or Sky Go.

If you want a good mid-range option, this VPN service would certainly be my pick. Because you need a VPN to change your IP address to an Indian server, you need a reliable VPN! While NordVPN might not be the best VPN, it’s certainly a great way to unlock SonyLiv on your PC or your smart TV (as the VPN is compatible with all these options).


  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, iOS & Android
  • Automatic Wi-Fi protection
  • Downloadable app
  • Based in Panama
  • Unblocks a range of streaming services


  • Not as fast as ExpressVPN
  • Bulky to download

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Sufshark is definitely the most budget-friendly option if you want to access SonyLiv in USA, but when it comes to streaming quality, you won’t be disappointed. Sometimes, budget VPN services can get a bad rap, but I had no trouble streaming the SonyLiv app with this one, and as far as VPNs go, this one is very user-friendly (not to mention affordable). It’s not as good as ExpressVPN or NordVPN overall, but as a budget VPN, Surfshark is really hard to beat. It also comes with a money-back guarantee, so when you’re connecting to an Indian server (and you need a VPN), this is a good service to start with!


  • Multi-hop
  • Kill switch
  • Unlimited connections
  • Downloadable app
  • Clean web


  • Can’t compete with premium VPNs
  • Slower speed
  • Slower connectivity
  • Smaller range of servers

Other Services That Can Be Unblocked with VPNs

VPNs can unlock so many different services. Without geo-restrictions, people can access Netflix no matter their location! So, in short, the answer is: with VPNs, you can access all movies, anywhere on any website without restrictions.

☑️ Sony Six
☑️ Netflix
☑️ Amazon
☑️ Hulu
☑️ Stan
☑️ Different regional versions of Disney+ Hotstar (Hotstar UAE, etc)
☑️ Zee5
☑️ Voot

How Do I Register My SonyLiv?

Access its website, subscribe to Sonyliv premium (access your account), choose the product, and set up your device following SonyLiv steps. Then, look at the VPN’s server list on the VPN app (and choose India), for streaming anywhere, no matter your location! Then, it will look like you’re in India, and you’ll have all the right permissions.

Devices That Support SonyLiv

Your device likely supports it. As long as the server’s location of your account is set as India, you’ll be able to access movies and streaming anywhere. Just sign in to your account and get started (also works for Netflix service!).

The devices SonyLiv supports are the following:

☑️ iOS
☑️ Android
☑️ PC
☑️ Smart TV
☑️ Firesticks and Roku
☑️ Playstation
☑️ Tablets and phones

How Many Devices Does SonyLiv Support?

Fortunately, most devices are supported and designed to service (as long as your servers are set correctly!). Sign in to your TV from the United States, and enjoy the full range of streaming service and full access streaming from SonyLiv, even if you’re in the USA!

List Of SonyLiv Channels

Whether you’re in Saudi Arabia, or your device has an India IP address, SonyLiv is the best app for streaming! If you’re in the USA, you can watch these classics from India with the best VPN services (and servers, from anywhere in the world).

☑️ Sony TV
☑️ Sony SAB
☑️ Sony Ten
☑️ Sony Max
☑️ Sony MAX 2
☑️ Sony PIX

Popular SonyLiv Shows

So many popular shows are available on SonyLiv India. If you watch it in the USA (With an India IP Address), you’ll have access to so many shows.

Here are some examples:

☑️ Children’s Animation Workshop
☑️ The Handmaid’s Tale
☑️ Welcome Home
☑️ Avrodh
☑️ Gullak
☑️ Undekhi
☑️ Scam 1992
☑️ JL50
☑️ Your Honour
☑️ Laghu Shanka
☑️ Daan Sthapna
☑️ Mahabharat — Ant Ya Aarambh

SonyLiv Pricing Packages

Sony Liv has a variety of different pricing options to suit everyone. The pricing package per month in US dollars for Liv Premium comes out to approximately:

☑️ $4.02/month if paid monthly
☑️ $9.50/month if paying for 6-month plan
☑️ $13.58/month if paying for an annual plan

You can watch with the Liv Special plan at a more affordable $2.07/month for 12 months; or watch with Liv Special+ for $5.43 per month for 12 months.



Is SonyLIV available outside India?
If you’re in Saudi Arabia or the USA, you’ve probably struggled with streaming tv from India! Luckily, with the right tools, you’ll finally be able to enjoy these shows (and go on a wonderful SonyLiv binge!).
How can I watch my SonyLIV online?
If you’re in Saudi Arabia or the USA, you’ve probably struggled with streaming tv from India! Luckily, with the right tools, you’ll finally be able to enjoy these shows (and go on a wonderful SonyLiv binge!).
Is SonyLIV free on Firestick?
While you do need a subscription, you can access this streaming service from India, without any trouble on the Firestick.
Can you watch SonyLIV on TV using Chromecast?
Yes! Sonyliv India is available for streaming using Chromecast.
Is SonyLIV Premium membership available in all countries?
Unfortunately, streaming SonyLiv is available in India (and many countries miss out). However, with the right VPNs, you can access it from anywhere using the SonyLiv app.


Don’t miss out on all the great programs on offer. By installing VPN, you get access to so many different shows. It’s a world of culture and vibrancy that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

We highly recommend you check out ExpressVPN for the best experience with high speeds and a wide range of servers, it creates a streamlined viewing experience that’s hard to beat!

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