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Is Mama on Netflix in 2024? Answered

Last updated: November 17, 2022

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Is Mama on Netflix?

Mama is a horror film based on the story of two young girls who are fostered by a supernatural power for five years in a shabby cabin.

Unfortunately, horror fans cannot watch Mama on Netflix in most countries in the world, including the USA or Canada.

While this title may become available in your region in the future, at the moment, the best way to unblock your favorite TV and movie content from a blocked region is to use a VPN.

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Watch Mama on Netflix

Overview of the Supernatural Horror Film Mama

This horror movie is the story of two girls, Lilly and Victoria, who are sisters.

The day their parents die, both of them vanish into the woods only to be found five years later, by their uncle, in a shabby cabin.

The girls find refuge with their uncle, Lucas, and his girlfriend, Annabel. Slowly, Annabel starts to realize that they haven’t returned alone from the woods but that there’s someone (or something) that has been taking care of them for all these years — Someone who both of these kids call “Mama.”

Is Mama Streaming on Netflix?

Yes. You can stream Mama on your Netflix app, but only if you are located in one of the few countries where the movie is accessible.

Where Can I Watch Mama on the Netflix?

The only Netflix countries where you can watch Mama are Mexico and Spain. If you are traveling to or located in any other country, you’ll need to change your virtual location in order to watch Mama from your country.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Mama on Your Netflix Account

Netflix regionally restricts its viewers from watching movies and TV shows from other Netflix countries to abide by content licensing.

A VPN allows you to connect to a server in the country that has streaming rights to your desired TV show or film.

When you connect, for example, to a server in Spain, your real location will be hidden, and you will appear to be in the country corresponding to your VPN server. This will help you gain access to TV shows and movies on Netflix that are specific to the Spanish region.

When you open Netflix after connecting to a Spanish VPN server, you will then be able to access Spanish Netflix instead of your own regional Netflix library.

How to Choose the Best VPN to Watch Mama on Netflix 

To watch Mama from any country on Netflix, you need a premium VPN with all the features listed below:

☑️ It should have the ability to bypass the geo-restrictions and the VPN trackers of streaming platforms, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or HBO Max.

☑️ The VPN should have a vast server network so it can easily cater to all your content demands by letting you choose from a large number of countries to which to connect.

☑️ It must provide extremely high speeds so you do not have to face buffering problems.

☑️ The VPN should have user-friendly and compatible apps for all your devices, should provide 24/7 customer support, and a money-back guarantee.

How to Watch Mama on Netflix

To watch Mama on the Netflix platform, you need to:

  1. Go to your VPN website in your browser or to the App Store/Google Play Store and subscribe to a suitable VPN plan. I recommend going with ExpressVPN, and the longest-term plan will be the most cost-effective.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device and sign in to it with your credentials.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in Spain to be able to view the Spanish Netflix library.
  4. Open your Netflix app and search for the movie.
  5. Start watching Mama!

3 Best VPNs to Stream Mama on Netflix 

The top three VPNs to watch Mama from any country on Netflix are listed below.

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is exceptionally fast when it comes to connectivity and streaming, and it offers servers in almost 100 countries worldwide, including a Spanish server to help users gain access to this title.

With ExpressVPN’s smart DNS feature, you don’t have to worry while getting past the VPN blocks of the various streaming platforms, as it is easily able to unblock platforms like Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and over 20 Netflix regional libraries.

It allows unlimited bandwidth to its users and so you can watch films or TV shows the whole day without worrying about hitting a limit.

There are numerous security and privacy features that ExpressVPN offers that ensure overall protection all the time while you are online.


  • Exceptionally fast internet speeds
  • More than 3,000 servers spanning over 94 countries
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Highly intuitive and easy-to-configure VPN
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Absence of a built-in ad-blocker
  • More expensive

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

NordVPN is a popular name in VPNs, and for good reason.

Nord offers similar premium features to ExpressVPN, but it costs about half the price of our top provider.

NordVPN has servers in 60 countries, and it can unblock top content like more than 10 Netflix libraries, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, and more.

If you want to connect more devices to a single account to multitask or to allow your family members to connect to the same VPN account simultaneously, NordVPN allows users the option to connect up to 6 devices at once, all without any slowdowns.


  • Fast internet speeds
  • Over 5,500 servers spanning 60+ countries
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Cheaper than ExpressVPN
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Torrenting isn’t supported on all servers
  • Desktop apps are slower

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Surfshark boasts a newly-expanded widespread server network that enables its users to surf the Internet from about a hundred different locations around the world, and it costs less than NordVPN and ExpressVPN!

Surfshark has over 3,200 servers in 95 countries, and it is also able to unblock platforms like Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and more, but you will likely experience buffering when streaming, and you may have to switch servers a few times before finding one that seamlessly unblocks your content.

When I tested Surfshark with Netflix and Hulu, I had some issues with connectivity and had to be in touch with Surfshark’s 24/7 live chat support service to direct me to a better-functioning server for my needs.


  • Very high speeds
  • 3,200+ servers spanning more than 95 countries
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Cheapest VPN on the list
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Buffering problems during peak hours
  • Apps are slower than top VPNs

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Mama?

While it sounds tempting, free VPNs simply aren’t built to unblock big streaming services like Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, or HBO Max.

Most of the time, they neither have a vast server network nor provide sufficient speeds to get past the buffering issues.

Most worrisome, many of these free VPNs can actually put you at risk, exposing you to malicious links, phishing attempts, and other online threats.

Instead of trying to cut corners with a free service, it is advisable to use a premium VPN service that has been proven effective with platforms like Netflix. These premium VPNs also come with top-of-the-line online privacy and security policies, so you will not be placed in harm’s way online.

The services on our list all offer users a 30-day money-back promise, so you can test them for up to a month with absolutely no risk and cancel for a full refund if you please.

Mama Cast

The actors in the cast of Mama are:

☑️ Jessica Chastain
☑️ Isabelle Nélisse
☑️ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
☑️ Daniel Kash
☑️ Javier Botet
☑️ Megan Charpentier
☑️ Jane Moffat
☑️ Morgan McGarry
☑️ David Fox
☑️ Dominic Cuzzocrea

Mama Genre

It is a supernatural horror film.

Mama IMDb Rating 

Mama has been rated 6.2/10 by more than 181k viewers.


Does Netflix have Mama?

Yes. You can watch the film on your Netflix app from certain countries. From elsewhere, use a VPN.

Can I watch Mama on HBO Max?

Yes. You can stream the movie on HBO Max.


Mama is available to watch on Netflix only in Mexico and Spain.

If you want to watch the film on Netflix from any other country, you will need to change your virtual location to either Mexico or Spain by using a VPN.

ExpressVPN is my first choice and recommendation for this purpose as it is not only the fastest VPN on the list but also has a large server network. So, once you are done with this film, there are content libraries of about a hundred more Netflix countries to explore.

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