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Is Fruits Basket on Netflix in 2024? Answered

Last updated: July 1, 2022

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If you are a fan of the Japanese manga, Fruits Basket shouldn’t be a new name to you.

Also known as Furuba, Fruits Basket is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya.

With two anime adaptations released respectively in 2001 and 2019 (by the same name) Fruits Basket has been quite popular among manga lovers.

The first is a bit different from the manga as the series changed the portrayal of a few characters and the ending of the two also differs.

However, Natsuki Takaya, the writer of the manga of the same name, didn’t like the series that aired in 2001 and so another anime was released in the year 2019 with the final season aired in 2021.

But the question is, can you watch Fruits Basket on Netflix?

Read further on this page to find out how you can…

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Watch Fruits Basket on Netflix

Overview of the Manga Series Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is the story of Tohru Honda. She’s a homeless and orphan girl who happens to meet three members of the Soma family, Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure.

She later learns that there’s a curse on the twelve members of the Soma family and they are possessed by the spirit of the Chinese zodiac animals. The spirit starts dominating them when they feel weak, or stressed, or when someone from the opposite sex embraces them.

Tohru, being a kind and loving girl, learns about their pain and hardships, and helps heal them and save them from their emotional wounds. She also learns that people care about her.

Is Fruits Basket Available on Netflix?

Yes, but you still might not be able to watch it without my help.

This is because the series is available on the Netflix website in Hong Kong.

If you are living in anywhere else in the world, like the USA or Canada, you won’t be able to find any seasons of this TV show on your Netflix site. This is thanks to the geographical restrictions that the Netflix site implements.

But, I’m here to save you time and help you in streaming your favorite movies and seasons of the TV shows from any part of the world.

Read further to find out how…

Where Can I Watch Fruits Basket on Netflix?

As it stands, you can watch Fruits Basket on your Netflix app only in Asian countries like Hong Kong.

However, I’m going to share a cool trick using which you will be able to watch not only Fruits Basket but also extra movies that never existed on your Netflix library.

When you use a virtual private network, you can gain access to Fruits Basket from anywhere.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Fruits Basket on Netflix

A VPN is a tool that masks your original location and fools the Internet into believing that you are trying to access it from some other location.

It does this by re-routing your Internet traffic through a remote server, giving you a new IP address corresponding to the country to which you have connected yourself.

By using a VPN, you can easily access the Netflix website in any other country in the world. So, if Fruits Basket isn’t visible to you through your Netflix account, you can simply use a VPN, change your location to Hong Kong, and watch Fruits Basket from your device.

Ever thought the process of relocating virtually to another country was so simple?

How to Watch Fruits Basket on my Netflix Account

If you happen to live in Australia, where Fruits Basket isn’t available on Netflix, you can use a virtual private network to watch it. The two things that you will require to do so are a premium quality VPN and a Netflix account from any part of the world.

First, you’ll have to search for a VPN and pay for the plan that suits you the best.

Next, you will need to download the client to your device, configure it, and connect to a server where your preferred movie or TV series is available, which is Hong Kong in this case.

Next, you need to sign in to your Netflix account and you will see that it now shows you the Hong Kong library.

Finally, just start binge-watching the anime right away!

3 Best VPNs to Stream Fruit Basket on Netflix

I have researched a lot of VPN services on the market and these are the top providers that provided the fastest, most seamless connectivity:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is my top recommendation for streaming content on any major platform.

A few things that make it the best are the presence of servers in a lot of countries worldwide (over 94 countries), which makes global content always available; its capability of easily escaping the VPN block of streaming platforms; and the lightning-fast speed that it offers.

I do feel that the price is on the higher side, but given the connectivity and reliability that it offers, I don’t mind paying a bit more money for the service.


  • Super-fast speed
  • Easy to use and configure apps
  • 3,000+ servers in over 94 countries
  • Lets you connect 5 devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Higher priced

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

For anyone who wants to pay less for a comparable service, NordVPN is a great choice.

In terms of speed and video quality, this VPN is pretty much on par with ExpressVPN.

In terms of server size, NordVPN has nearly twice as many servers as ExpressVPN, with about 5,500 in total, but its servers only span 60 countries as compared to ExpressVPN’s 94 countries.


  • Affordable compared to ExpressVPN
  • Over 5,500 servers across 60 countries
  • Lets you connect 6 devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Desktop apps are slower

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Surfshark is a service that is the cheapest on my recommendation list and yet allows you to connect as many devices as you want through a single user account.

Compared to ExpressVPN’s 5 simultaneous connection allowance and NordVPN’s 6-device connection cap, this provider definitely takes the lead.

In terms of speed and quality, though, Surfshark leaves some room for improvement.


  • Cheapest on the list
  • More than 3,200 servers across 65+ countries
  • Connect to an unlimited number of devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Slower Apple apps
  • Suffers from speed and buffering issues

Can I Use a Free VPN to Access Fruits Basket on Netflix?

Let me save you the time and nuisance and just tell it like it is.

I don’t recommend free VPN services to pretty much anyone because they simply won’t bypass the VPN block software of any OTT service. Moreover, they are not a secure way of accessing the Internet.

But, I can surely help you in accessing the premium services risk-free. You can take any of the above-listed recommendations and use them for about a period of 30 days.

If you are not happy with the service or do not plan to access Netflix in other regions in the future, you can ask for a refund from their website.

So that way, you used a VPN for free!

Alternative Streaming Platforms on which to Stream Fruits Basket

You can access Fruits Basket on other streaming platforms as well.

Viewers in Australia and New Zealand can stream the TV show on AnimeLab, whereas those residing in the US and Canada can access all the seasons of the show on FUNimation.

Wakanim is the platform where you can watch Fruits Basket if you are in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland; and Crunchyroll is a platform where all the seasons of the show are available globally.

Fruits Basket Cast

Some of the voicing artists in the series are:

☑️ Manaka Iwami
☑️ Nobunaga Shimazaki
☑️ Jerry Jewell
☑️ Yuichi Nakamura

Fruits Basket Genre

The TV show is supernatural fiction with a slice of romantic comedy and life in general.

Fruits Basket IMDb Rating

The IMDb rating of the first show aired in 2001 is 7.9 out of 10, voted by about 5.8k people. Whereas 5.8k people voted 8.6 out of 10 for the second anime aired in 2019.


Can I watch Fruits Basket on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch your favorite seasons of the show on Netflix from a few countries like Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

However, if you wish to watch your favorite seasons of the series from any other part of the world, you will either need to watch it on Crunchyroll or use a virtual private network to access Netflix in the regions where it is available.


If you haven’t yet watched the manga show Fruits Basket, you are missing out on good stuff. I’m sure you’ll glue to it after watching just an episode of the show.

Unfortunately, though, you might not be able to stream it on your Netflix library. But, in this article, I’ve discussed a super-easy trick for accessing Netflix from anywhere in the world.

You can use a VPN, preferably ExpressVPN, to stream your favorite shows as well as movies from any region and any streaming service within minutes.

So, no more waiting and longing to watch any content. Just go ahead and get a VPN for yourself.

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