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Is Fatale on Netflix in 2024? Answered

Last updated: October 25, 2022

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Is Fatale on Netflix?

Fatale is the tale of a married successful sports agent whose one-night stand in Las Vegas turns into misery for him when the strange woman wioth whom he cheated on his wife turns out to be a police detective.

If that sounds confusing to you, imagine how this sports agent felt!

If you like thrillers, then you should definitely watch Fatale on Netflix; But keep in mind that it might not be available, depending on where you’re located.

To watch this, and other movies that might be blocked in your country, read on!

The solution to this problem is a lot simpler than an affair with a cop!

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Watch Fatale Movie (Netflix)

Overview of the American Thriller Film Fatale (with Michael Ealy)

When a married, successful sports agent cheats on his wife for a one-night stand with a strange woman in Las Vegas, chaos ensues!

His life quickly becomes a nightmare when he discovers that the woman he cheated with was, in fact, a police detective.

She entangles him in her investigation and wreaks havoc that ultimately risks his professional as well as personal life.

If ever there was a film that made you not want to cheat, this one is it!

Is Fatale on Netflix?

Yes, this movie is available on Netflix, but not everywhere. In fact, there are just a handful of countries where you can watch Fatale on your Netflix app.

Where Can I Watch Fatale on Netflix?

The only Netflix countries that air this Fatale movie are France and Mexico. To watch it from the US, the UK, Australia, or other countries, you will need to find a way to virtually be in one of those permitted regions in order to view this title. A VPN is the best way to put you there!

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Fatale on Netflix

A VPN encrypts your traffic and sends it to a server in a location you choose. This process masks your real country location and transports you virtually to your server region.

When you are connected to your remote server in France, for instance, Netflix then sees your traffic coming from France instead of where you are really located.

This way, when you open up Netflix on your device, you will be seeing the content available on the French Netflix library instead of your hometown Netflix library, even if you are really far around the globe from France.

The best part of this process is that it is so incredibly simple!

How to Choose the Best VPN to Watch Fatale on Netflix

To watch Fatale (or any other film or TV show) from any streaming service available in any country in the world, you will need a VPN that has the following capabilities:

☑️ It should easily be able to bypass VPN blocks and geo-restrictions of big streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video.

☑️ It should provide fast streaming speeds so you can avoid buffering and delays.

☑️ It should offer users a vast server network to unblock content from a large number of countries.

☑️ It should have widely compatible and user-friendly apps with proper language support, reliable 24/7 customer support, and a trusted money-back guarantee.

How to Watch Fatale on Netflix

To watch Fatale on Netflix, you need two things: a Netflix subscription and a VPN subscription.

Here are the steps to follow to use these two together to unblock Fatale:

  1. Subscribe to one of the best-quality VPN services that provides all the necessary features required to watch movies or shows from a foreign content library. I recommend using ExpressVPN.
  2. In your browser, go to the official VPN website or the App Store/Google Play Store, download the VPN app to your device, and sign in to it.
  3. Connect to a server located in Mexico or France to get access to their Netflix libraries.
  4. Open your Netflix app and search for the film.
  5. Start watching Fatale from any country!

3 Best VPNs to Stream Fatale on Netflix

The best 3 VPNs to help you watch Fatale on Netflix are listed below:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has servers in about a hundred different regions, providing content to watch on Netflix and other OTTs at the fastest speeds of all the VPNs on the market.

It has numerous features that protect your security and privacy; lightweight protocols to ensure fast speeds; smart DNS to unblock OTTs (including Netflix) quickly; and unlimited bandwidth, so there’s never a limit to how much you can stream.

Though an expensive service, ExpressVPN is worth every penny due mostly to its dependability, and it is definitely the service that I choose when streaming.


  • Fastest speeds
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • More than 3,000 servers across over 94 countries
  • User-friendly VPN
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No built-in ad blocker
  • More expensive service

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

With fast speeds and the ability to unblock streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, NordVPN is another great (and more affordable) VPN to try.

NordVPN is also a great choice if you are worried about your online protection, with security features like DNS and IP leak protection, split tunneling, a Kill Switch, a zero-logs policy, 256-bit encryption, and its CyberSec feature that can ensure you are safe from harmful ads or malware.

NordVPN has a comparatively smaller network span than ExpressVPN and Surfshark, but it is still able to unblock plenty of Netflix libraries globally.


  • Blazing fast speeds
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • 5,500+ servers across over 60 countries
  • Better than ExpressVPN in terms of pricing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Desktop apps can cause problems
  • Slower than ExpressVPN

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Surfshark is a premium VPN that is cheaper than the other two VPNs on our list.

In addition to the appeal of its cost, Surfshark also offers unlimited device connections, so users can connect all of their household devices to a single VPN plan, which is amazing considering this is all possible for under $3 per month!

Surfshark has a newly-expanded server network that spans over 95 countries, but its servers are still not as fast as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, so you will likely experience buffering when watching, and you may find (as I did) that you have to be in touch with the live-chat support team a few times before finding a server that works at unblocking all of your content.

That being said, the support team was very helpful, so if you have the patience for this, go for it!


  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Over 3,200 servers across more than 95 countries
  • Best on the list in terms of price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Buffering issues
  • Slower than the above VPNs

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Fatale?

Though using a free VPN might sound tempting, it is not recommended.

Free VPNs are very rarely able to outsmart the top streaming platforms, like Netflix, since they have limited resources to ensure that your IP addresses will not be blocked by these sites.

On top of this, free VPNs are also lacking the resources and features needed to keep you safe online, missing the high-level encryption, no-logging policies, and leak protection features that premium VPNs offer. They also have been known to add to the online risks, exposing you to malware, phishing attempts, and other online threats.

Your best bet is to use one of the VPNs on our list. You can opt for Surfhark if you are on a tight budget, but even if you opt for ExpressVPN, which is our top pick, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for 30 days, so you can cancel for a full refund, making it free for the first month.

Fatale Cast

The cast of Fatale includes:

☑️ Hilary Swank
☑️ Mike Colter
☑️ Michael Ealy
☑️ Damaris Lewis
☑️ Danny Pino
☑️ Tyrin Turner

Fatale Genre

Fatale is a thriller film that you will want to watch in one sitting.

Fatale IMDb Rating 

Based on the reviews of over 10k viewers, Fatale is rated 5.4/10, so not everyone loved it.


Is Fatale movie on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch the film on the Netflix website.

Is Fatale on Netflix Canada?

Unfortunately, Netflix Canada doesn’t have streaming rights to the film.

Is Fatale movie on HBO?

Yes, the film is streaming on HBO.


Fatale is a thriller film that you cannot watch on Netflix from all the countries in the world. It is only available in France and Mexico, but with a VPN, you can connect to any server in the world and access Netflix from any country.

ExpressVPN is the one that I recommend due to its speed, security, large global presence, and ease at unblocking a huge range of platforms.

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