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How to Watch Hulu in Canada in 2023

February 26, 2023

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Canada and the US are so close in geographic proximity that sometimes people forget that they are two very different countries with different cultures, different governance…and different access to media streaming content.

If you planning a quick trip over the Canadian border, can you still access US Hulu?

The short answer is: No.

While there are streaming services in Canada that offer some of the same content like Hulu, Hulu’s geo-blocking policies restrict viewers from accessing its site from outside the US region.

So, no matter how many times you try, if you try to access Hulu in the UK, Canada or Germany, instead of seeing images from all your favorite TV shows and movies, this annoying error message will pop up on your screen:

Hulu geo-restriction error

“Hulu isn’t available to watch in your location.”

The only way to get the authentic Hulu viewing experience from outside the United States is with a reputable virtual private network. It’s important to note, however, that not all VPNs can do the job! If you choose an inefficient VPN service provider, you may simply be trading in one error message for another, like this:

Hulu proxy error message

“Based on your IP address, we noticed you are trying to access Hulu through an anonymous proxy tool. Hulu is not currently available outside the U.S. If you’re in the U.S., you’ll need to disable your anonymizer to access videos on Hulu.”

Wondering how to watch Hulu in Australia, or Canada using a VPN, eh? There is a way! Keep on reading!

How to Watch Hulu in Canada?

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best VPN for Hulu Canada

With dozens of VPNs on the market, how do you choose which criteria to prioritize? Here are important features to assess before choosing the best VPN to watch Hulu in Canada:

☑️ Able to unblock streaming service options like Crackle, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.
☑️ Sizable network with several servers in the USA from which to choose.
☑️ Uses top-notch encryption and security features.
☑️ Has a strict, verified no-logs policy.
☑️ User-friendly apps.
☑️ Compatible across platforms and devices – Windows, macOS, iOS, Apple TV, etc.

3 Best VPNs to Watch Hulu in Canada 2023

Here is our list of best Hulu VPNs in Canada:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our first choice of VPNs to access Hulu content outside of the United States. It also has tons of servers in other countries that allow you to stream Crackle in the UK, Sling TV in Canada, or Pluto TV in Canada.

Express has over 3,000 servers in 94 locations around the world, including over 20 servers in the United States, which means that there will never be a problem finding a reliable connection to get Hulu content abroad.

It has award-winning speeds, and offers unlimited bandwidth to watch Hulu TV shows and movies in HD with no buffering.

If you want a break from watching Hulu TV or movies, you can also use Express VPN to unblock other geo-restricted content, like Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, or even ESPN+ in Canada.

It’s also good to note that you can use up to 5 devices at once on the same plan. If you need more than 5 connections, there is an easy workaround. If you connect ExpressVPN to your router, all devices connected to your wifi are only counted as one user device!

If for some reason you are not pleased with your service, you can opt-out with its 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Fast!
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Top-notch privacy and security
  • No logs


  • More expensive than the other VPNs
  • Only 5 simultaneous connections

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

NordVPN has over 5,500 servers in 60 countries worldwide, including 1,970 in the US alone – so you will never have trouble finding a server that will help you get Hulu outside the US with consistently good speeds and reliable connections.

NordVPN not only can access Hulu, but also Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, or American Netflix in Canada. Similarly, you can watch Canadian TV in the US thanks to its amazing Canadian servers.

You can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously with a single NordVPN subscription, so your whole family can stream different platforms all at once.

It also has stellar customer service, including 24/7 live-chat support; but if you are still not sold after a few weeks, you can opt out and take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Cheaper price
  • Strong encryption and no logs
  • 6 user connections on one plan


  • Desktop apps can take longer

Devices compatible with Surfshark

With more than 500 servers in over 20 US locations, watching Hulu outside the US with Surfshark will never be an issue. The servers are not as fast as Express or Nord, but they are still adequate for streaming, with hardly any buffering.

You can also use Surfshark in Canada to unblock Hotstar, Netflix, HBO GO, Disney Plus, ESPN+, or the USA’s Amazon Prime.

What makes Surfshark stand out the most, in my book, is that it allows for unlimited devices to connect on just one account.

Surfshark also offers great customer service and a 30-day guarantee, giving you the chance to use its service for a few weeks and change your mind without penalty. If issues arise, Surfshark offers live-chat customer support, so complications are always easy to resolve.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Most Affordable of the top VPNs
  • Good privacy and security features


  • Slightly slower speeds
  • Fewer servers

Why Is Hulu Blocked in Canada?

The answer to this comes down to content distribution laws and regulations.

Most TV shows and movies available on Hulu are not owned by Hulu – They are owned by various production houses. Production houses contract with various streaming platforms to distribute their content to specified countries; in this case, permitting it only to air in America. So, even if an American subscriber wants to access content from his account, he is not allowed to if he is outside the USA.

To follow these rules and regulations, Hulu uses an IP identification tracking system to block all the users who try to access its content from a foreign IP address. So when you try to watch Hulu content from a place like Canada, it triggers the IP identification tracker and immediately blocks your access.

How a VPN Allows You to Watch Hulu Abroad

When you establish an internet connection, your connection reveals your local IP address. So, when you go to watch Hulu content from outside the United States, Hulu sees that your IP ID is foreign, and puts up geo-blocks, stopping you from accessing its TV shows and content.

The right VPN proxy server will help you bypass Hulu location restrictions, so you can watch with Hulu content anywhere in the world. A virtual private network will change your local IP ID, letting you sign in with one of the proxy servers in the United States, which will give you a coveted US IP address.

Using a VPN proxy server tricks Hulu into thinking that you are watching in the USA, letting you view your content outside of the US as if you are sitting in Starbucks in Manhattan.

Can Hulu Block VPNs?

In short – Yes. Hulu can block VPNs, but not in a consistent way.

Hulu constantly tries to block VPNs, but is infrequently successful. The reason for this is that IP addresses are not stable. VPNs change their servers’ addresses all the time, which makes beating down VPN services like playing whack-a-mole. The second you block one IP address, the address is changed, and you have to try again.

While the top VPNs are great at getting around geo-blocks, they are not infallible. Some very persistent VPN services, like ExpressVPN, are very good at helping users get around geo-blocks almost 100% of the time.

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Hulu in Canada?

There are dozens of Free VPNs that claim to unblock popular geo-blocked streaming content, like Hulu. While you are welcome to try them, I would not recommend them.

Free VPN services offer a very limited amount of servers and have much fewer resources. So, unlike premium VPN services that constantly work to get around location blocks, free VPN services don’t have the manpower or funding to keep at this.

Also, because free VPN providers tend to have fewer servers, there is likely to be more crowding on their servers in popular locations, like the US, increasing the chances of buffering and delivering poor video quality.

Most worrisome, because free VPNs don’t make their money from a subscription fee, they often find a way to make money by selling users’ data logs to surveillance agencies, third parties, and social platforms, thus sacrificing your online privacy.

Setting Up Hulu in Canada without Using American Payment Method

To pay for your Hulu account, you will need an American payment method. If you don’t have any US-based payment method, then this might be a little tricky – but there is a way!

Here are a few ways to subscribe to Hulu without a US credit card:

Option 1 – Prepaid Card

☑️ Create a virtual prepaid payment card through Statescard.com.
☑️ Enter your details and set up a password.
☑️ Click on the verification link in an email.
☑️ Provide your license, ID, or passport to confirm your identity.
☑️ Load funds with a credit card or PayPal account.
☑️ Start using your StatesCard to get a Hulu account in Canada.

Option 2 – Paypal

☑️ Use a VPN to create a US PayPal account. Connect to a US server and signup for Paypal.
☑️ Use your Canadian credit card for the US PayPal account. Make sure that your CC isn’t linked to another PayPal account.
☑️ Since you need a US zip code, remove the letters from your Canadian zip and add two zeros at the

Option 3 – Gift Cards

☑️ Buy Hulu gift cards from ebay.com.
☑️ You will get a code in the email to sign up for a Hulu subscription.
☑️ Make sure that you’ve connected your VPN proxy server in the USA before you sign up.

Option 4 – Friend

☑️ Ask your American friend or family member to get a Hulu subscription or to give you their credit card details, and then pay them back.

Best Shows And Movies to Watch on Hulu in Canada

Different shows available on Hulu

Hulu Shows

Here is the list of top Canadian TV content on Hulu:

☑️ The Handmaids Tale
☑️ LetterKenny
☑️ Burden of Truth
☑️ Heartland
☑️ Cardinal
☑️ Vikings
☑️ Mary Kills People
☑️ Gangland Undercover
☑️ The X-Files
☑️ Jeremiah

Hulu Movies

Here are some Hulu movies that are available in Canada:

☑️ Ugly Dolls
☑️ A Simple Favor
☑️ Colossal
☑️ The Nightingale
☑️ Missing Link
☑️ Prospect
☑️ Capote

Hulu Plans and Pricing Packages

Hulu has three main plans to offer its customers:

☑️ Basic ($5.99/Month) – The Basic plan includes ads, which keep the cost low.
☑️ Premium ($11.99/Month) – For a completely ad-free streaming experience, this is your plan.
☑️ Hulu + Live TV ($44.99/Month) – This is the best plan for those who want to watch live TV. The plan offers more than 60 live TV channels on top of the regular Hulu library.

You can also opt for a Hulu, Disney +, ESPN+ bundle for $12.99/month.

Devices that Support Hulu

Devices supported by Hulu

Here is the list of devices on which you can watch Hulu content:

☑️ Windows
☑️ Mac OS
☑️ Android
☑️ iPhone
☑️ Apple TV
☑️ Android Smart TV
☑️ iPad
☑️ Roku
☑️ Xbox One & Xbox One
☑️ PS3 & PS4
☑️ Chrome Extension
☑️ Linux

When Is Hulu Coming to Canada?

There are rumors that Hulu will debut in Canada in 2023, but there is no confirmation on that yet from the Walt Disney Company. Disney is Hulu’s majority owner, so the news will likely come from Disney.


Is Hulu available in Canada in 2022?
Hulu is limited to the US only; but, with the use of a VPN proxy server, you can get Hulu in Canada as well.
Can I get Hulu in Canada with a VPN?
Yes. Sign in with a reputable VPN, and then connect to a US server.
How do I get Hulu on my iPhone in Canada?
To download Hulu on your iPhone in Canada, you need to change your App Store location to Canada.

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Sign out of your iCloud account.
  3. Create a new account with your location set to the US region.

This will allow you to download Hulu on your iPhone.

You can also download Google Chrome instead. That will allow you to turn on Desktop Site, which will allow you to watch on your iPhone directly from your web browser.

Can I watch Happiest Season on Hulu in Canada?
Yes! A VPN will let you watch Happiest Season in Canada.
Does Hulu work with NordVPN?
Yes. NordVPN works great with Hulu.

Hulu is known to be very restrictive in its streaming locations, so it is constantly trying to block VPNs. NordVPN is consistently able to get past Hulu’s geo-blocks with some of the fastest server speeds in the VPN world, so you can stream your shows in HD with no buffering.

What are the best streaming services in Canada in 2022?
Some of the best streaming services available in Canada in 2021 are:

☑️ Disney Plus
☑️ Netflix
☑️ CBS
☑️ CraveTV
☑️ TSN Direct
☑️ Sportsnet Now
☑️ CBC Gem


If you are in Canada, Hulu streaming service is not readily available to you.

The only way to watch Hulu in Canada is with a reputable VPN.

So, all you Hulu-loving people out there, while you may not be in the US, a VPN can virtually put you there, or in the country of your choice, in minutes!

Happy Streaming 🙂 

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