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How to Watch HBO Max in New Zealand in 2024

Last updated: January 17, 2022

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 Home Box Office (HBO) is a subscription TV network, based in the USA, that is part of WarnerMedia Entertainment, the iconic entertainment, sports, and news brand.

HBO is the parent company of the extremely popular HBO Max online streaming service that offers highly-rated movies and favorite TV shows like Harry Potter, Matrix 4, Dune, Cry Macho, and many more.

However, HBO Max cannot be viewed in New Zealand because it’s geo-blocked. If you try to access it, you will get an error message like this:

HBO Max geo restriction error

But don’t worry! HBO fans in New Zealand don’t have to despair as they can access HBO using a VPN service, allowing them to watch HBO Max content, almost anywhere in the world.

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Watch HBO Max New Zealand with a VPN

Why Will You Need a VPN to Watch HBO Max in New Zealand?

Because of agreements concerning content distribution rights, HBO Max is not available to viewers in New Zealand.

This means that, with a New Zealand IP address, you won’t be able to watch your favorite content.

The good news: If you connect to one of your VPN services’ US servers, it will disguise your actual NZ IP address, making it appear as if you are watching from the USA, where you can watch HBO Max.

How to Choose the Right VPN to Access HBO Max NZ

When choosing a VPN to unblock streaming services, like HBO, in New Zealand, take these factors into account:

☑️ Ease of Use: Ensure that the VPN can be easily installed and used on a wide range of devices.
☑️ Server Network: Your VPN should have a large number of servers in the USA to help you connect to HBO Max from NZ.
☑️ Speed: Ensure the VPN can connect quickly to the Internet so that you can stream without buffering or lag, and in high-definition.
☑️ Privacy and Security: Ensure that there is a high level of encryption of data, a no-logs policy, and other safety features.

3 Best HBO NZ VPNs to Watch HBO Max 

Here are the top 3 VPNs for watching HBO Max from NZ:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN, allowing you to access HBO Max and many other geo-restricted streaming services from New Zealand, or anywhere in the world.

ExpressVPN has a server network spanning 94 countries, including plenty of servers in the USA.

If you want to unblock other geo-restricted content, you can also use this VPN to access Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix (over 20 Netflix libraries).

ExpressVPN offers top security features, like military-grade encryption, a Kill Switch, split tunneling, a nologs policy, and TrustedServer technology.

You can use this VPN to connect to multiple devices, like your Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Apple TV, or more; and ExpressVPN allows 5 simultaneous connections on one account.


  • Broad server network
  • Fastest speeds
  • 24/7 customer service via chat
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • More expensive than competitors

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

NordVPN is another excellent VPN service with a huge server network, including over 1,970 US servers spread across 15 US locations.

NordVPN has great speeds and can easily unblock a geo-blocked streaming service, like HBO Max as well as Netflix, Hulu, and many others, so you’ll rarely experience any buffering or lag.

From a security perspective, NordVPN offers militarygrade encryption, a double VPN option, split tunneling, a nologs policy, and a Kill Switch.


  • More Competitive cost
  • 24/7 live-chat support
  • Over 1,970 US servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Not as fast as ExpressVPN
  • Some difficulties with its User Interface

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Surfshark is the best VPN for HBO if you’re on a tight budget but want excellent service.

With over 3,000 servers in more than 6o countries, including over 600 US servers spread across 23 cities, Surfshark can easily unblock HBO Max as well as other geo-blocked streaming platforms, with only minimal buffering.


  • Affordable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections


  • Slower
  • Some buffering

Differences Between HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Max 

HBO offers three services that differ mainly in the way you access them:

HBO Go: HBO GO is technically free if you live in the USA and have an HBO cable subscription, but it’s inaccessible from outside the US, so you can’t watch HBO Go in New Zealand.

HBO Now: HBO NOW is a stand-alone streaming service, allowing you to watch HBO videos on demand without having to purchase a cable subscription service.

HBO Max: This option will let you access all the HBO content without a subscription, but it does not give you access to live TV.

How to Sign Up for HBO Max in New Zealand, etc. 

Because HBO is limited to US users, you need to utilize a US-based payment method. This is not difficult to do once you have acquired the best VPN for watching New Zealand HBO. Just make up a US address once you have installed your VPN and make sure to change your IP server to one in the USA.

One way to sign up for HBO Max in Australia, New Zealand, or countries outside of the US is using a  Gift Card. To do this:

  1. Go online to mygiftcardsupply.com and search for HBO Gift Cards. (The minimum amount for a gift card is usually $25.)
  2. Add the card to your shopping cart and pay for it with PayPal (or a US credit card if you have one).
  3. Enter your name and email address and verify your phone number.
  4. Once you submit the form and payment, you’ll receive a scan of your gift card by email with a code.
  5. Go to Redeem HBO Gift Card page and enter the number on the voucher. Make sure to provide a state and zip code in the US (e.g. 90210) and then press Next.
  6. Enter your name, email address, and password to sign in.
  7. Now log in to your account using the same credentials that you just entered and start to watch HBO New Zealand!

Other Ways to Stream HBO Max in New Zealand

Here are other streaming services that will give you access to HBO Max content in NZ:


An effective way to access HBO Max is using Hulu, and you will also get upgraded to HBO Max instead of HBO Now. Hulu’s cheapest plan, which includes ads, costs you $5.99/month, and for ad-free it is $11.99/month. To get live TV you have to pay $54.99.

To watch HBO, you can select the HBO add-on at $14.99/month.

You can stream 2 of the base plans at once or upgrade by subscribing for live TV, too. The two base plans offer a 30-day trial and you can try the live TV for free for one week.

To pay, the easiest way is to use a gift card, redeeming it here.

Once you have subscribed, you can access HBO Max through the Hulu app or site. Alternatively, you can log in on HBO’s app or website using the login details for Hulu.

Sky Network 

Another way to access New Zealand HBO Max is by using Sky Network’s streaming platform, as HBO’s streaming rights in New Zealand have been acquired by Sky Network. It has 4 payment packages: Sky Starter, Sky Entertainment, Sky Sports, and Sky Movies.

A Sky Starter subscription costs $25.99/month and a Sky Starter Plus Sky Entertainment package costs $51.49. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Sky Starter Plus Sports package for $57.98/month or to the Sky Starter Plus Movies alternative for $46.92/ month.

All these packages allow you to access HBO HZ with ease, as they include free access to the Soho 1 and 2  channels.

With the Sky Starter package, you can stream content from more than 40 channels (e.g. Prime, Bravo, etc.) and if you also subscribe to the Entertainment package, you’ll see more than 55 channels.

If you choose the Sports Package, you can watch Rugby Channel, ESPN, and more, as well as all the Starter Package content.

With Sky Starter Plus Movies you can watch all your favorite movies.

However, bear in mind that using a VPN to access a direct HBO subscription is far more cost-effective than using any one of these Sky Network Plans.

HBO Max Packages & Pricing 

Streaming service fans in New Zealand only need to pay $14.99/month to subscribe to HBO Max and watch all of its amazing shows.

With this package, you’ll get to choose from an array of TV series, excellent movies, and Max originals that you can access in New Zealand!

HBO’s online streaming service was previously provided by HBO Go and HBO Now but, since the launch of HBO Max, HBO Go no longer functions, and HBO Now has been renamed HBO. Therefore, HBO Max and HBO are the two streaming services of the famous HBO brand currently available.

Popular HBO Shows and Movies

You  can watch the best TV shows and movies on HBO NZ including:

☑️ Big Little Lies
☑️ Crazy Rich Asians
☑️ Deadwood
☑️ Downton Abbey
☑️ Big Bang Theory
☑️ Game of Thrones
☑️ LalaLand
☑️ Wonder Woman
☑️ My Brilliant Friend
☑️ Westworld
☑️ Veep
☑️ Watchmen
Many other popular TV shows and movies

Devices Compatible with HBO Online Streaming Service

You can view HBO Max on multiple devices, including Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick/Fire TV, games consoles, Windows, Apple TV, Smart TV’s, and more.

If you subscribe to HBO NZ, you can watch on 3 of these devices simultaneously.


Is HBO available in NZ?
Sky, the popular TV network, has acquired exclusive rights to broadcast HBO’s US-based network’s content in New Zealand.

To watch HBO in New Zealand, subscribe to Sky, with the most reasonable Sky Starter Package costing you $25.99/month. Alternatively, use a VPN to unblock US HBO services from NZ in no time.

Can I watch Game of Thrones in New Zealand?
Yes, you can watch Game of Thrones, Season 8, in New Zealand on Sky’s Soho Channel 010. You can also catch up on any episodes you may have missed in Series 1-7 on Sky on Demand.
In which countries is HBO available?
As of the end of 2020, HBO Max had only been launched in the USA. In June 2021, HBO Max was launched in Latin America and the Caribbean and WarnerMedia is planning an international expansion into Europe in the near future.

Stream HBO Max New Zealand: Conclusion

If you love watching the best movies, documentaries, TV shows, and other exciting content, HBO Max is ideal for you. With an HBO subscription, you’ll love the amazing variety of excellent viewing material the network offers.

If you want to watch HBO content in New Zealand, you can do so by subscribing to one of Sky Network’s NZ plans, but these are quite expensive.

Therefore, you may prefer to get a VPN and connect to a US server, allowing you to watch and enjoy New Zealand HBO Max.

The fastest VPN is ExpressVPN, with lightning-fast speeds and seamless connectivity. You can test ExpressVPN for 30 days with no strings attached!

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