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Crunchyroll Unblocker: Watch Crunchyroll Outside US in 2023

Last updated: July 1, 2021

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If you are looking to order sushi, this is not the right Crunchy Roll for you.

But, if you are an anime fan in search of a great site that offers the biggest library of anime and manga content in the world, you have come to the right place.

The Crunchyroll platform is home to thousands of animes episodes, including the latest releases straight from Japan, and popular classics.

But, I’ve got some bad news: You cannot access Crunchyroll in certain regions, and its most prolific version is only accessible from the USA. So, if you are trying to stream Crunchyroll using accounts outside of the USA, you may be in for a let-down.

So, how do you get around these Crunchyroll obstacles?

With Crunchyroll unblockers not always working, the only way to unblock Crunchyroll from points around the globe is to use a virtual private network.

Crunchyroll homepage

Here’s How to Unblock and Watch Crunchyroll Outside US

Here is the good news: Circumventing Crunchyroll blocks is pretty easy.

The most reliable way to get around Crunchyroll blocks is to use a reputable VPN service.

A VPN sends your activity through its secure tunnel, encrypting all of your traffic, and letting you connect to a server in the USA, or another country you choose. This masks your actual IP address and location and replaces it with one that gives you access to Crunchyroll content.

Issues with Crunchyroll Unblocker

The Crunchyroll Unblocker is no longer a reliable way to unblock Crunchyroll content.

The unblocker changes your user location to a more desirable American session ID, allowing complete access to the USA Crunchyroll library.

This unblocker uses extensions or apps that were available years ago for Microsoft, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Sadly, there is no longer an extension available for Microsoft or Chrome.

In a message on the Reddit site from the Crunchyroll staff, staff warned that users who opt for an unblocker to access Crunchyroll may be putting themselves in an unsafe situation, as these unblocking tools are not regulated by Crunchyroll and, therefore, may be able to access or abuse your personal information and payment methods.

Alternatives Methods to Watch Crunchyroll from Anywhere

A great alternative to using an unregulated unblocker to unblock Crunchyroll is a VPN service.

Using a VPN, your actual location and IP address are hidden, and there are never any issues with privacy.

You can connect to one of the VPN’s secure server locations in the US, giving you an American IP address, and making Crunchyroll believe you are accessing its catalog from the US.

Unlike the iffy privacy features of a CR unblocker, reputable VPNs have strict no-logs policies and have top privacy features, so your information, activity, and identity are always safe.

Watch Crunchyroll with the Best VPNs for Streaming

We have done the research for you and come up with our top 3 VPN choices for bypassing geo-restrictions for streaming Crunchyroll.

Here are our results:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

With plenty of servers in the US, we never have any issue finding a high-speed ExpressVPN server connection that will access Crunchyroll, as well as other streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer — buffer-free.

This VPN is compatible with most platforms, and you can use up to 5 devices simultaneously on one ExpressVPN account — all without slowing your browsing.

As for privacy — ExpressVPN offers military-grade 256-bit encryption, split tunneling, DNS leak protection, and a Kill Switch to kill your internet access in case your VPN cuts out.


  • Super-fast speeds
  • Easy to use across platforms
  • MediaStreamer Smart DNS feature
  • 24/7 live-chat
  • 5 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • More expensive than the other VPNs

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

NordVPN comes in a close second in the order of best VPNs to unblock Crunchyroll, with over 1,900 VPN server connections in the USA alone.

NordVPN’s Smart DNS can easily help you get through the geo-restrictions for buffer-free access to a variety of streaming sites, like Netflix, Hulu US, BBC iPlayer, and others.

This VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data, IP address, and online footprint; and its CyberSec feature provides another layer of protection from malware and annoying ads. NordVPN also offers obfuscated servers that will help you get past any systems that block proxy servers.

There should never be a problem finding a NordVPN app that is compatible with your device, and you can use up to 6 devices simultaneously with a single Nord VPN subscription.


  • Very fast streaming speeds
  • SmartPlay DNS feature
  • No-logging policy
  • 30-day refund guarantee
  • 24/7 live-chat
  • Up to 6 simultaneous connections


  • Speeds can be slower in advanced mode

Devices compatible with Surfshark

With over 500 servers in the USA, Surfshark will quickly help users stream Crunchyroll from countries all over the world.

Though Surfshark’s speed does not compare to ExpressVPN or NordVPN, this VPN is still plenty fast if you want to access popular streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, or HBO GO.

Surfshark VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption that will protect your files, data, and online identity. It also offers split tunneling, a kill switch, and a special CleanWeb Suite, which blocks ads and protects against malware.

Part of what makes Surfshark so appealing is that it allows for unlimited devices to connect on just one account, making it ideal for people who want to unblock the Crunchyroll platform from anywhere.


  • 24/7 customer service
  • More affordable than other VPNs
  • Unlimited simultaneous users
  • 30-day refund guarantee


  • Slightly slower than other top VPNs
  • Split tunneling only on some platforms

Shows You Can Watch on Crunchyroll

This platform offers a huge variety of originals, anime classics, and new episodes. It is easy to find anything you are looking for by searching according to genre, popular titles, or season. The most popular available shows are:

☑️ Magi
☑️ Haikyu
☑️ Lilpri
☑️ Naruto
☑️ Conception
☑️ Hunter x Hunter
☑️ That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime
☑️ Dragon Ball Super
☑️ The Ancient Magus Bride
☑️ Bleach
☑️ Golden Kamuy

There are a lot of shows on this site, with something for everyone!


Whenever you are using this Crunchyroll platform to stream your favorite manga and anime content from any region, we highly recommend using a reputable VPN — like ExpressVPN, or one of the other top options listed above.

One piece of advice — If you try to use a free VPN, or a no-name option, not only will you likely get an error message that your connection requests are denied, but you could be making yourself vulnerable to security and privacy breache

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