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Best VPN for DraftKings Fantasy Sports in 2023

Last updated: October 25, 2021

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Nowadays, playing Daily Fantasy Sports on popular DFS sites has become a necessity in the daily routine of sports enthusiasts everywhere.

While this is an addicting (and sometimes lucrative) pastime, not all fantasy sports fans are able to gain access from their locations to the sports betting sites they are craving.

If you want to access DraftKings in certain states, you will find that your DraftKings game is blocked. Thankfully, you can unblock DraftKings Fantasy Sports in a restricted state with a Draftkings VPN.

Draft king geo restriction error message

By using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can hide your actual IP address and location, replacing it instead with an IP address that corresponds to your server location in a permitted DraftKings location.

If you are wondering how to play DraftKings in a restricted state using the best VPN, keep on reading!

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Play DraftKings from Anywhere with a VPN

What Is DraftKings? 

DraftKings is a sports betting and fantasy sports platform that is based in the US. Back in 2018, Draftkings Sportsbooks was launched as the first mobile operator for sports betting in New Jersey.

If you are interested in betting, you can sign in and use the DraftKings site to enter contests related to performance in MLB baseball, NFL football, NHL hockey, PGA golf, and NBA basketball, as well as other sports.

Draft king sportsbook main screen

The DraftKings sports component lets you play privately with friends or with the broader public. In addition to the sports included in this category, DraftKings also gives you access to online gambling, letting you play slots, roulette, blackjack, and more.

Why You Need a VPN for DraftKings 

Although there is no federal law stating that daily fantasy sports on the DraftKings service are illegal, this site is blocked from access in a bunch of states across the US and many countries.

So, if you frequent this site and travel across state lines, you may be cut off from your online games with little or no notice, leaving you scrambling for a way to get back on.

Draft kings sportsbook map

Since using a virtual private network is not against the law in most places (you can also use a VPN for Roobet, BitStarz, Rollbit) this is the best tool to help you regain access to your blocked site. When you connect to one of your VPN servers in a location that is not blocked, your real IP address and location are concealed and all that will be visible in your server’s IP address, reflecting an acceptable location for accessing this website.

Best Draftkings VPNs

Here are the best VPN providers to enjoy popular fantasy sports on Draftkings Sportsbook:

How to Use ExpressVPN to Unblock DraftKings

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

If you are trying to gain access to online gambling and betting sites, ExpressVPN is the best VPN to help you.

ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 servers located in more than 94 countries around the world, including plenty in different states across the US.

To use ExpressVPN, first, choose a subscription plan that suits you. We highly recommend going with the longest-term plan, as this gives you the most competitive price.

ExpressVPN subscription plans

Next, download the ExpressVPN app to your device and sign in with your login credentials. You can then type in the name of the location you would like to connect to or scroll through the list of countries offered. If you click on “United States,” you will be able to see the US server locations.

Next, simply select a server in a state that permits access to sites like DraftKings, such as New York. This will ensure that your actual IP address is hidden and replaced by an IP address in NY. You can even do the same thing if you wish to play Roobet or Duelbits while in the US!

ExpressVPN also offers access to its MediaStreamer feature, which will help you stream shows and movies using Smart DNS. This Smart DNS feature will not encrypt your online traffic, though, so it is safer to use the VPN connection when doing anything potentially illegal online.

ExpressVPN gives users a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can use a VPN to try accessing DraftKings and cancel your service at any point within the first month.

How to Use NordVPN to Unblock DraftKings

Devices compatible with NordVPN

NordVPN is another good VPN provider to use if you are trying to get past DraftKings restrictions.

To use NordVPN, subscribe to an account by choosing either a 2-year, 1-year, or 1-month plan option. We recommend the 2-year plan, as this comes this the best price tag. Also, we recommend using a dedicated IP address to access Draftkings website.

NordVPN Plans

Download the NordVPN app and install the mobile VPN app or browser extension on your device.

When you open the app, you will see an option to search for the location you would like to use to connect. NordVPN has over 5,100 servers in 60 countries around the world, so there are plenty from which to choose.

Scroll down and click on one of the servers in the US states that permits access to this site, like New York.

Express vpn connected to india mumbai server

Keep in mind that NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can lock in the cheapest plan, which is the 2-year option, and cancel for a full refund within the first month if you choose.

Why Is DraftKings Fantasy Sports Blocked in My Location? 

Due to laws and legislation pertaining to gambling, Draftkings may be blocked in your location. At the moment, this site is blocked in certain states, like Idaho, Washington, or Iowa.

While these blocks are frustrating, there are some loopholes. For example, if you are an Idaho resident who is traveling outside the state, you will be able to deposit money on the DraftKings website and compete. If you are located in a blocked area, like Arizona or Nevada, you will still be able to open a DraftKings account, but you will not be able to play for prizes.

The only foreign players who are permitted to compete for prizes at the moment are Canada-based players. If you try to access DraftKings Sportsbook to make a deposit or play from a different location around the world, you will see this annoying error message.

“Location Not Found. We’re unable to determine your current location, which is needed to ensure your jurisdiction allows residents to play.”

States Where DraftKings Is Blocked

In the following states, playing on DraftKings is illegal, or skirting the letter of the law:

☑️ Texas
☑️ Washington
☑️ Nevada
☑️ Alabama
☑️ Arizona
☑️ Hawaii
☑️ Idaho
☑️ Iowa
☑️ Montana
☑️ California
☑️ Louisiana

You can get past geo-blocks in these states by using a reputable VPN.

States Where DraftKings Is Available

Currently, DraftKings is available in the following states:

☑️ New York
☑️ New Jersey
☑️ Delaware
☑️ Arkansas
☑️ Colorado
☑️ Connecticut
☑️ Indiana
☑️ Mississippi
☑️ Massachusetts
☑️ Maine
☑️ West Virginia
☑️ New Hampshire
☑️ Tennesee
☑️ Vermont
☑️ Pennsylvania
☑️ Ohio
☑️ Missouri
☑️ Kansas
☑️ Virginia

If you are not in one of these permitted locations, you can connect to one of them using a VPN.


Can I use a VPN to bet on DraftKings?
Yes. You can use a VPN to place bets securely on DraftKings and any other geo-restricted fantasy sports platforms.
Is it illegal to use VPN to gamble?
Using a VPN to gamble is perfectly legal as long as VPN use is legal in your country or in your state. If you use a VPN on sports-betting sites, this ensures that you are protected when placing bets.

Keep in mind, though, that if your state or region regulates gambling, it may also block VPNs if they are across state lines.

Playing DraftKings with a VPN: Conclusion

Because DraftKings blocks players from playing games in many states, the only way to get around this Internet block and enjoy your game or follow your league is to use a VPN.

The best VPNs, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, have sizable server networks with plenty of servers around the US to help bypass Internet restrictions. On top of this, the best VPNs for DraftKings also offer money-back guarantees.

So, whether you are into football, baseball, golf, or hockey, you never have to worry about being cut off from your fantasy teams or missing out on the game.

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