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How to Get the ExpressVPN Joe Rogan Discount Code in 2024

Last updated: February 14, 2022

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Internet users are becoming increasingly concerned about the issues of Internet privacy. People are worried that being tracked online, whether by various companies or by the government, is an unavoidable part of modern life.

Even celebrities like millionaire Joe Rogan are expressing concern about this issue, famously stating that:

When you leave your Internet connection unencrypted, you might as well be writing your passwords and credit card numbers on a billboard for the rest of the world to see.”

In his podcast and in interviews, Joe Rogan has noted that whenever you go online, whether to shop, browse, work, or access streaming services, you’re being tracked for your data and are subject to website cookies and online ads that violate your privacy. All of your sensitive information, online activities, and browsing history can be tracked, putting you at severe risk. In Forbes Magazine he explained that he makes use of different tactics to prevent tracking of his online activity by popular search engines like Google.

When asked about his recommendation for the best tool to protect one’s online anonymity, he stated that he personally uses ExpressVPN to ensure his online privacy.

Luckily for you, ExpressVPN is currently offering a special discount for Joe Rogan’s listeners. Read on for details.

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Get the ExpressVPN Joe Rogan Offer

Who is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is a well-known TV host and standup comedian who first gained fame as the first host of Fear Factor on NBC.

He subsequently worked as an expert commentator on UFC covering mixed martial arts, and he also starred in his own reality show, Joe Rogan Questions Everything (on SyFy), which investigated paranormal issues and events; and he eventually created a podcast, first on YouTube and now exclusively on Spotify, called The Joe Rogan Experience.

As a celebrity and an influencer, Joe’s views are respected by millions. He has interviewed many celebrities, including Mike Tyson, Elon Musk, Neil Degrasse Tyson (one of the top cybersecurity experts), Renee DiResta, and many more, which has earned Joe Rogan a great deal of fame and popularity.

Joe often stresses the need to optimally protect one’s digital footprint by means of a premium VPN.

What VPN Does Joe Rogan Use?

When asked, Joe Rogan stressed that in order to ensure security one should, subscribe to a VPN, and he believes that the best way to ensure one’s Internet privacy is by subscribing to ExpressVPN, which he has chosen to use himself.

He is also on record saying that anyone with online privacy concerns should use a different browser to avoid being tracked by Google or other browsers.

Want to be like Joe? Try ExpressVPN!

What is ExpressVPN?

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the top-rated VPN service on the market, with the fastest speeds and the best reputation for reliably and consistent online connectivity.

This Virtual Private Network is based in the British Virgin Islands, a privacy-friendly location, and offers top protection features to conceal users’ web activity and IPs. ExpressVPN conceals your IP address with 256-bit encryption, a strict no-logging policy, a Kill Switch, and DNS leak protection.

In addition to being endorsed on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, ExpressVPN has been the Editors Choice of several well-known, highly respected publications, including TechRadar and CNET in 2020.

Why Does Joe Rogan Recommend ExpressVPN Over Other Options?

Joe Rogan — podcast host, social media influencer, and one of the best-known Internet millionaires — chooses ExpressVPN. His own reasons for using Express include:

Its extensive server network:

Because it has more than 3,000 servers located in over 94 countries, you can always locate quick and reliable servers to allow you to bypass geo-blocks and enable you to gain access to YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Peacock TV, Spotify, Hulu, and many other websites, as well as to The Joe Rogan Experience, wherever you may be.

Its impressive, speedy Internet connection:

This VPN server offers an average speed of 53 Mbps, according to Joe, which is far in excess of the speed required for streaming or browsing in HD, guaranteeing that your web surfing will not be subject to irritating buffering and disruptions.

While many VPN services are subject to slow connections as a result of their signal having to move around to safeguard your IP address, Express’s huge network of servers avoids this problem, making it quick, secure, and reliable.

Its outstanding safety and security features:

ExpressVPN ensures security by using military-grade encryption of your data (256-bit encryption), a Network Lock automatic Kill Switch, and Split Tunneling. Split tunneling allows users to choose which of their online traffic passes through the VPN and which is left out.

It has a well-enforced zero-logging policy and boasts an 11-year history of zero DNS or IP leaks.

It also offers the first TrustedServer setup in the world, which means that it has no hard drives and only uses RAM-based (volatile memory) servers, which ensure that your entire browsing history is erased from the servers when you disconnect, reducing your digital footprint.

Its compatibility with most operating systems:

This VPN is compatible with almost all devices, including iPhone, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and Smart TV, and allows for up to 5 simultaneous connections by its users with one subscription without impairing performance at all.

Its other practical benefits:

Express offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can conduct a trial of your own for a month, risk-free. And Joe Rogan prefers Express because of its excellent customer service (24/7 live chat).


Who owns ExpressVPN service?
ExpressVPN is owned by Express VPN International Ltd and is a VPN service registered in the British Virgin Islands. It provides a VPN service that masks the IP addresses of its users and encrypts their web traffic, thereby acting as reliable security and privacy tool.
What do I get with the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN offer?
If you take advantage of the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN offer, you can sign up for a 12-months contract and get an additional 3 months of service, free of charge.

This will mean you get 15 months of unlimited access to ExpressVPN’s extremely fast, secure server network for 15 months, providing you with the online service, security, and safety that Joe Rogan discussed on his show.

This deal gives you a 49% discount every month, providing the best deal available on the best VPN and saving you lots of money!

What payment methods does ExpressVPN support?
ExpressVPN accepts a broad range of payment methods for the subscriptions of its users, including all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, UnionPay, MoneyWeb, Klarna and, even cryptocurrencies if you want to guarantee your anonymity.


If you, like Joe Rogan and many other users, want online security without privacy concerns from a VPN service that provides both speed and user-friendly features and is free from unsolicited online ads, ExpressVPN is the best choice.

If you want to be able to use it on operating systems ranging from Linux to Windows in order to watch content including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Joe’s own Fear Factor, free of concerns about browser tracking or DNS leaks, choose ExpressVPN!

Connect and enjoy, all with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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