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How to Get CyberGhost Free Trial for 45 Days (2024 Hack)

Last updated: October 21, 2021

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While many of the top VPNs on the market offer money-back guarantees, very few actually offer free trials. The CyberGhost free trial offers mobile users a 48-hour trial period to test the CyberGhost VPN connection, and desktop users 24 hours to give this VPN a try — completely free.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself — how can you possibly take advantage of a free trial in such a short amount of time?

We also agree that CyberGhost’s trial period is not quite long enough to give users a real understanding of the VPN’s features, so we took a look at how we can buy ourselves some more time.

The easiest thing to do if you are looking to extend the CyberGhost free trial is to sign up for a subscription to CyberGhost. While this sounds counterintuitive, the reality is that when you sign up for a CyberGhost VPN plan, you can essentially try it for free because of its money-back guarantee period.

When you use the CyberGhost 45-day money-back guarantee instead of the 24 or 48-hour free trials available, you will have access to all of CyberGhosts features, including the freedom to use your VPN on up to 7 devices simultaneously — which is only offered on a monthly plan — not on the free-trial version.

To determine how to get the most out of your CyberGhost free trial in 2024, our team used strict reviewing standards to evaluate the differences in features and in the commercial value when comparing the CyberGhost free trial to the CyberGhost money-back guarantee.

Keep on reading to find out how to get the best CyberGhost free trial today!

Advice From the Experts: If you want to subscribe to CyberGhost with the intent to get your money back within 45 days, it is best to do so using itswebsite instead of going through the App Store. If you subscribe through this third-party app store, you will also need to get refunded through this third party. For the best results, subscribe through the CyberGhost site, and then go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the apps to your operating system.

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Get Cyberghost Free Trial

How to Get CyberGhost VPN Free Trial (Step-by-step Guide)

If you are looking to take advantage of the CyberGhost free trial, we will walk you through the process.

Don’t be worried about the fact that you will need to first pay for a CyberGhost VPN subscription. The monthly payment of only a couple of dollars is fully refundable if you cancel your plan within the 45-day money-back guarantee period. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the CyberGhost site and click the yellow button to activate trial.
Cyberghost start your free trial

2. Choose the plan that makes the most sense to you. We recommend the long-term, 2-year plan as it is the cheapest and gives you two months for free. Keep in mind that the 1-month plan only gives a 14-day refund guarantee.
3. Choose your method of payment. If you want to pay anonymously, there is no credit card required. To subscribe to a CyberGhost account, you can either enter your credit card information, or use Bitcoin, Google Pay, or PayPal. Keep in mind that anonymous Bitcoin payments might make it difficult for you to get your refund if you request one!
4. Once you have paid, create a username and password to activate the trial.
5. Download CyberGhost app from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or from your browser. You do not need multiple accounts for multiple devices. You can use up to 7 on one account.
6. Open CyberGhost and follow the prompts to install and connect to any of the optimized servers.

How to Cancel a CyberGhost Subscription and Get a Full Refund (Quick Steps)

It could not be more simple to cancel your monthly plan to get a full refund from CyberGhost; You can even do this without speaking to a single person, or waiting on the phone for a customer service representative.

To cancel your plan and get a full refund, all you have to do is connect to CyberGhost’s live-chat support service, start chat, and request to cancel your account and get a refund.

Follow these simple steps to cancel your account:

  1. Open the live chat option on the CyberGhost site by clicking “support.”
Cyberghost live chat support button

2. Start your chat with a representative. To do this, type “refund” into the search and then choose “Live Chat.”
3. Let the representative know your desire to cancel and then ask for a confirmation of cancellation to be sent.
4. Wait for your money to be credited to your card. This should only take a couple of days.

Free Trial vs. Money-Back Guarantee

Although it may sound like a free trial is better than a money-back guarantee, we would like to explain why this may not be the case. While a money-back guarantee requires upfront payment, a free trial will not always get you the same VPN features as a paid option, so it is important to weigh the costs vs. the benefits.

With CyberGhost, the free trial does give you access to the bulk of the CyberGhost features. The problem is, this free trial only gives you a day or two to test the service, which is a very short amount of time to get a feel for its features and functionality.

If you are looking to use your VPN on multiple devices, your free trial will not allow you this freedom; it will only allow you to use one device. A VPN account subscription with a money-back guarantee will let you use up to 7 devices at once, without the need to pay for multiple accounts.

Now, here comes the tricky part. While CyberGhost makes it easy to subscribe to your VPN and then cancel, some VPN services that offer money-back guarantees make it difficult to cancel your plan. Here are some tricks to look out for:

☑️ Difficulty canceling plan: Although the top VPNs on the market make it very easy to cancel your plan within the allotted cancellation period, some make you jump through hoops to do so, hoping to convince or even coerce you into keeping your monthly plan.
☑️ Disqualifying your payment method: When creating your account, there are usually multiple options from which to choose from terms of payment. When it comes to canceling, some VPNs will insist that you cannot cancel your plan if you paid with the Bitcoin payment method or other anonymous methods. So, even if it seems like a good idea that there is no credit card required with your VPN plan, it might be simpler to use one.
☑️ Fine Print: While most people don’t read the small print, it is important to take a close-enough look at these hidden exclusions and conditions before you subscribe and download a VPN. We encourage you to read these before signing up!

Thankfully, CyberGhost doesn’t employ any of these tactics. I tested it myself and can verify that you can sign up for CyberGhost and cancel it for your full refund with no tricks up its sleeves.

Reasons to Choose CyberGhost & CyberGhost Free Trial

Devices compatible with CyberGhost

Aside from its large server network, and its affordable price, one of the most important reasons to choose CyberGhost is its 45-day money-back guarantee, which is longer than the money-back period offered by any of its competing VPN plans.

CyberGhost offers VPN users access to its CyberGhost free trial for either 24 hours for desktop users and 48 hours for mobile users, but this offer won’t give you access to all of CyberGhost’s features, like its 7 simultaneous device allowance.

Whether you take advantage of CyberGhost’s shorter free trial or its 45-day refund guarantee, both will give you free rein on all of CyberGhost’s more than 7,000 servers in over 90 countries worldwide, easily unblocking popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video; and its speeds are fast enough to help you stream in HD with minimal buffering.

CyberGhost’s free trial and money-back guarantee trial also offer you top privacy and security features protecting your user data and traffic with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, DNS leak protection, an automatic Kill Switch, and a verified no-logs policy. On top of this policy, CyberGhost is located in a privacy-friendly country, Romania, which is outside of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance.

When you sign up for the free trial, you are limited as far as which devices you can connect to your VPN. If you sign up for a paid subscription to CyberGhost, you are free to use CyberGhost on all major operating systems and devices, like your macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, or Linux device, and you’ll be able to mix and match these to connect 7 devices to one account, with direct links to prompt you to download the corresponding app to the correct platform.

Because of the restrictions on your number of devices and the very short free trial period, we strongly recommend that users sign up for an actual CyberGhost paid plan in order to fully test its capabilities. With the annual or 6-month plan, you can cancel after up to 45 days with a full refund, and getting your money back is as simple as asking a customer service representative to cancel your plan on CyberGhost’s 24/7 live chat service.

Should I Use a Free VPN Instead? 

A free VPN is not the same thing as a free trial. While some VPN free trials offer limited features, free VPNs offer even more limited access to features, protections, and conveniences.

For starters, free VPNs often have very small VPN server networks, making it hard to find a local server and more likely to experience crowding on the few servers you are offered. This will cause buffering and lag while you are trying to access your blocked services or surf the web.

Free VPNs also almost always impose data caps and limits on bandwidth, whereas CyberGhost offers no caps and unlimited bandwidth.

When you opt for a CyberGhost trial, you are still getting CyberGhost’s online privacy and protection features. CyberGhost offers military-grade encryption of online traffic, a no-logging policy, a Kill Switch, and DNS and IP leak protection. All the features offered in the CyberGhost plan are also offered in the CyberGhost trial.

Free VPN providers not only fail to offer many of these protections, but they are infamous for selling your online activity logs and IP addresses to third parties for a profit.

It is pretty clear to us that the safest and smartest move is to skip the free VPN and opt for the free trial or money-back guarantee VPNs instead.

Other Great VPNs with Free Trial or Money-Back Guarantee

Here are more of the best VPN providers that offer a free trial or refund guarantee:

  1. ExpressVPN Free Trial Hack
  2. NordVPN Free Trial Hack
  3. Surfshark Free Trial Hack
  4. VyprVPN Free Trial Hack


Does CyberGhost offer a free trial?
Yup. CyberGhost continues to offer a free trial to users, even though most of its competitors no longer do. This trial is either 24 or 48 hours, depending if you are using mobile or desktop devices. To maximize your trial period for CyberGhost, we recommend you subscribe to and download this VPN to your device and cancel within 45-days for a refund, if you choose.
How long is CyberGhost's free trial?
CyberGhost’s free trial lasts for 48 hours if you are using a mobile device, or 24 hours if you are on your desktop. If you need more time than this, you should opt for a 6-month or annual subscription plan, where you can lock in a great price and then cancel within 45 days.
What features do I get with CyberGhost free trial?
When you sign up for the CyberGhost free trial, you are mostly getting the same features as paid subscribers, except for one caveat: you can only use 1 device on your trial CyberGhost VPN account instead of the 7 devices that are ordinarily allowed with a paid subscription.

If you are OK only using your VPN trial for a day or two, and only using it on a single device, this short trial could be a good option for you. If not, the best option is to sign up for one of the VPN’s longer, more affordable plans, and cancel at any time within 45 days. If you only sign up for a month-to-month plan option, not only will your cost go up, but your 45-day money-back guarantee will decrease to a 14-day money-back guarantee.

How much does CyberGhost cost?
Currently, you can get the best deal on a CyberGhost VPN plan if you choose its 2-year plan. This way, you will get an extra 2 months for free, and you will only be paying $2.25 per month, which is less than you’d have to pay for a single cup of coffee at the local cafe.

If you opt for the 6-month plan, you will be paying $6.39 per month; and on the 1-month plan, you will be paying $12.99 per month, with only a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Because you have 45 days to test out CyberGhost, it makes the most sense to opt for the most competitively priced 2-year package right from the start. This way, if you decide to stick with the plan, you have already locked in the best price.


If you are interested in trying the CyberGhost premium VPN service, your first option is to opt for a 24 or 48-hour CyberGhost trial that will give you all the features of a normal CyberGhost plan, except for the number of devices you can use simultaneously, as this free trial only allows you to use one.

If you want to test CyberGhost for more than a month, still without having to shell out the dough, you can do this by signing up for a CyberGhost account and using it for up to 45 days to help improve your online security, access your blocked streaming services, or torrent with optimized servers.

After our professional examination, it is clear to us that the best option — if you are looking to take advantage of a free trial to test your VPN connection — is to create a paid CyberGhost VPN account. With the 24/48 hour free trial, once the trial expires, you are left at square one. With the paid account, you can use the CyberGhost app for up to 45 days and cancel hassle-free if you choose to do so.

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