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5 Top Casinos that Allow VPN Usage in 2023

Last updated: April 28, 2022

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When attempting to access an online gambling site, players sometimes find that they’re unable to place their bets as the gambling websites they are looking to reach have been blocked in their particular location.

Due to factors that include local, state, or national restrictions on gambling activities, gambling websites may seem impossible to reach. But this is not actually the case. If you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), your online gambling site can be accessible even in locations that are otherwise restricted.

Using a VPN, casino access can be unblocked, as your VPN disguises your IP address, geographic location, identifying information, and activities while online. By connecting to a VPN server in your desired region, you will then appear to be in a permitted location with a permitted IP address, (which is a good ace up your sleeve)!

A VPN will also ensure your online anonymity and enhance your security while accessing online casino sites.

Keep reading to find out which VPNs are best for gambling online in 2023, and which casinos allow VPN use!

In a Hurry? Here Are 5 Top Casinos Allowing VPNs

Top 5 Casinos That Allow VPN Usage for Gambling

Here is a closer look at the casinos that allow VPNs for gambling:

1. Stake.com

This online crypto casino provides quick service with negligible lags and it is a safe, reliable gambling site that permits VPN gambling. It has been around since 2017 and allows sports betting as well as a wide range of casino games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots and Table Games, among many others.

One major benefit of Stake.com is that it permits you to set deposit limits. Deposit limits are proven to reduce the risk of gambling addiction and they reduce the risk of huge losses for online gamblers.

The only problem with Stake is that it’s banned in some regions, but luckily you can use a VPN for Stake to play from anywhere.

2. BetOnline.ag

This well-established gambling site has been around since 1991. It offers both casino games and sports betting, with a huge variety of slot games and a live casino option that includes several video poker games.

Although its website is not particularly user-friendly, we recommend BetOnline.ag for your online gaming and sport betting needs and confirm that this is a VPN gambling site.

3. CasinoGap:

This gambling portal, founded in 2019 and highly regarded by online players in the UK, is favored by customers who prefer to choose one of the gambling websites that are not on GameStop. It offers lucrative bonuses to players and allows VPN access.

4. FortuneJack

This online crypto casino has been around since 2014 and it permits VPN gambling. It is available on desktop and mobile phones, is well-designed and user-friendly, and permits quick navigation, which enhances your live casino experience. Fortune Jack enables both live casino games and sports betting and offers a huge range of slot options.

Because most of the payments on the site are made with cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin), this gambling website enhances your privacy and anonymity, as it does not require any financial or personal information from you when you sign up.

5. BetNow

BetNow is another good choice for a VPN gambling website. Established in 2015, it includes an online casino as well as a sportsbook (mainly for US sports) and a racebook. Its user interface is not particularly well-designed, but it pays out quickly if you gamble with cryptocurrency.

VPNs for an Online Casinos

As we said, a VPN is crucial for both accessibility and security when visiting casinos online. Here are our top recommendations:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our top recommendation for VPN gambling as it offers an exceptionally high level of security and privacy. It includes a Kill Switch, a solid nologs policy, split tunneling, a militarylevel of encryption, and many more great features that keep you safe.

Because ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers across 94 countries, it can bypass blocked sites with ease, letting you access almost all casino sites and enjoy both sports betting and casino games around the world. ExpressVPN has been proven to be the fastest VPN available, so it will prevent delays and lag and it is excellent for streaming, as it allows you to access almost every platform out there.

ExpressVPN’s interface is user-friendly, it allows for 5 simultaneous connections, and it is compatible with almost all devices.


  • Extremely strong security
  • Very quick upload and download speeds
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live-chat support


  • More pricey than its competitors

 2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

With well over 5,000 servers in more than 60 countries, NordVPN is great for VPN gambling as you are sure to be able to connect to a VPN server in the required area. NordVPN is user-friendly and makes it quick and easy to select and connect to the location in which you want to appear to be located, giving you quick and easy access to the casino games you desire.

Nord VPN has strong safety and security features that include a Kill Switch, a strict nolog policy, and a high level of encryption of your data. It allows 6 simultaneous connections, which should be more than enough to allow all your family members to enjoy VPN gambling.


  • Excellent security features
  • Good speeds
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Full-time support via live chat


  • Not as fast as ExpressVPN
  • Some issues around the user-interface

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Even though Surfshark is available for the most reasonable price of all the premium VPN services, it provides good security features and the benefit of an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. This means your whole extended family and your friends can all enjoy VPN gambling and sports betting from one VPN subscription.

With more than 3,200 servers in over 65 countries, it is always possible to find a server that will enable VPN gambling and give you access to the blocked sites you enjoy. Surfshark’s security and privacy features are good, including an extremely high level of encryption, CleanWeb Ad Blocking, a Kill Switch, and a nologs policy.


  • Very reasonable pricing
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Strong security features
  • Live-chat customer support 24/7


  • Server network not as big as NordVPN
  • Speeds are not as good as other premium VPNs

Can I Use a Free Virtual Private Network with an Online Casino?

It’s certainly tempting to use one of the many free VPNs available, most of which make impressive claims about the service they provide. However, the reality is that using a VPN that’s provided free of charge usually results in you receiving very inferior service. Your VPN connection is likely to be poor, as the free VPNs have few servers; so the ones they have tend to be overcrowded, especially in areas that are in high demand for VPN gambling. In addition, you’ll probably experience high ping, slow streaming, poor video quality, and buffering.

Even more worrying is the fact that, because they don’t charge for their services, free VPNs often make their money by selling their users’ data logs to third parties, surveillance agencies, and social platforms. This severely compromises anonymity, privacy, and security online and makes devices vulnerable to being infected with malware, viruses, or unwanted ads.

If you enjoy VPN gambling and sports betting, it’s well worth the small monthly cost of securing a premium VPN.


Can you use a VPN for casinos that are online?
Some online casinos and betting sites (like the ones we discussed above) don’t mind whether their customers use VPNs or not, but some strictly forbid them. They utilize special measures to detect whether their users are using a VPN and, if they do discover one, they often either suspend his/her account or even terminate it, as this is against their terms of service.
Does Stake.com allow VPNs?
Yes, Stake.com is one of the gambling sites that does allow using a VPN. In fact, if you choose to game on any of the sites discussed above, you can use a VPN, and rest assured that your account will not be blocked or terminated.


Using a VPN allows players to overcome geo-blocks or restrictions that would otherwise limit their play in their own country.

In addition to choosing an online casino that tolerates VPN gambling, you also need to ensure that you select one of the best VPN services, as this will provide you with a reliable and secure VPN connection.

You need to be aware that VPN gambling is tolerated at best, rather than being encouraged, and that there is some degree of risk associated with it. However, there’s no doubt that using VPN access enhances your range of casino options.

VPN gambling can improve both the security and the quality of your gaming experience!

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