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Best VPN for Rochester in 2024 – Get a Rochester IP Address

Last updated: March 8, 2023

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Best VPN for Rochester

Located in the Finger Lakes region of New York, visitors love Rochester for its culinary delights, excellent museums, year-round festivals, and fascinating civil rights history.

Tourists, residents, and Rochester college students will all benefit from a Rochester VPN service for safe and secure access to the Internet.

Keep reading for our in-depth look at how a VPN is beneficial for Rochester, and which ones to choose!

In a Hurry? Here Are the 5 Best VPNs for Rochester

How to Set Up a VPN Service for Rochester

Want to know how to set up your Rochester VPN? Just follow these simple instructions.

  1. Subscribe to a great VPN service, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app onto your device.
  3. Open the VPN app and select a server in NY for the best speed, or if you want to watch a show on a site from another country, select a server in the proper location.
  4. Enjoy your secure and private access to the Internet anywhere in the world.

Why You Need a Virtual Private Network for Rochester

When visiting Rochester, you can feel safe and secure connecting to public wi-fi at the airport, museums, or coffee shops if your data is all encrypted and secured through a VPN tunnel.

Students at the university or one of the private colleges in Rochester may have campus firewalls restricting access to some sites. A good VPN lets you bypass that firewall so you can enjoy all your favorite TV shows without being blocked.

Tourists can use a quality VPN to securely access geo-restricted content back home; for example, they can get onto their bank account or watch a favorite TV show.

How to Choose the Best Rochester VPN

Here are important factors to keep in mind when choosing a VPN for Rochester:

☑️ For the best protection from online threats like hackers and malware, select a VPN with military-grade encryption, leak protection, and a strict no-logs policy.

☑️ Consider access factors. For example, can the VPN unblock geo-restricted content on your favorite streaming services and gaming sites, and does it have servers in the specific area or country that you want?

☑️ Get a fast VPN so you can watch movies and TV without interruptions. Lots of servers in the network will help keep our connection fast since you won’t get slowed by heavy Internet traffic during high volume times.

☑️ Make sure the VPN app is compatible with all of your home and mobile devices and that you can connect multiple devices at the same time so you never have to wait for someone else to get off the app before you can connect.

☑️ Any time you use a new technology, there may be times you need help and you shouldn’t have to wait, so choose a VPN that comes with 24/7 live-chat support.

☑️ Many users want to take advantage of the lower prices that come with a longer contract but are nervous about getting stuck with a VPN with which they aren’t happy. An easy solution is to only sign up for a VPN that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can give it a try before your longer contract takes effect.

5 Best VPNs for Rochester

Here are our 5 top VPN providers for Rochester:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

The incredible speed of ExpressVPN is a major factor in making it the premium VPN server for the city of Rochester, especially among users who use their VPN to watch movies or play games that require very fast connecting speeds. There are 3,000+ servers in 94+ countries around the world on ExperssVPN for fast and easy connections to sites everywhere.

ExpressVPN comes with military-grade encryption, IP and DNS leak protection, an automatic Kill Switch, and a strict no-logs policy to make sure your data and identity stay safe in the VPN tunnel.

The geo-spoofing software on ExpressVPN allows you to get past the tough geo-restrictions on popular streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and more. It’s also great for gamers who don’t want to get stuck with the server the gaming companies assign you since you can geo-spoof your location and select the region where you want to play your online games.

You can connect up to 5 devices to the app at the same time, or use the router app to cover your entire household at the same time. The app is compatible with all popular devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and more.


  • Fantastic speed
  • First-rate security and privacy features
  • Unblocks geo-restricted content on Netflix
  • Up to 5 simultaneous devices
  • 24/7 live-chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • More costly than competing VPN providers

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

NordVPN is known for its fantastic security and privacy features you need to keep you safe from online threats, even when you connect to the Internet via public wi-fi while you are taking advantage of the great museums and sites in Rochester.

Your data is securely encrypted and you don’t have to worry about leaks with its IP and DNS leak protection and the automatic Kill Switch. Your privacy is guaranteed with its trusted no-logs policy and the VPN comes with an ad blocker to prevent annoying ads and provide malware protection

NordVPN is fast enough for streaming movies and playing online games without interruption on its 5,100+ servers in 60+ countries around the world.

You can count on NordVPN to get you past the tough geo-blocks on Netflix, Hulu, and more. You also don’t have to be stuck with whatever server the gaming companies assign you since you can select one on your own.

Connect up to 6 devices to the app at the same time, or cover your entire home system by using NordVPN’s router app. The VPN is compatible with all popular home and mobile devices, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.


  • Great speed
  • First-rate security and privacy features
  • Unblocks geo-restricted content
  • Up to 6 simultaneous devices
  • 24/7 live-chat services
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Fewer countries in the server network than ExpressVPN

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Surfshark is a great budget VPN with solid speed on its 3,200+ servers in 95+ countries worldwide. You can enjoy streaming TV and movies without interruption, and it has the low latency and high-speed connection you need for playing games online.

Users can connect an unlimited number of devices to the app and it’s compatible with all major devices, including PCs, mobile devices, smart TVs, and Amazon Firestick.

When it comes to access factors, Surfshark can get around geo-blocks on all of the major streaming sites, including the Netflix website, and you can access games from locations around the globe.

Surfshark has all of the top security features, including an encrypted tunnel, IP and DNS leak protection, a Kill Switch, an ad blocker, and a malware blocker so you can feel safe from online threats even when connected to public wi-fi.


  • First-rate security and privacy features
  • Unblocks popular streaming and gaming websites
  • Unlimited simultaneous devices
  • 24/7 live-chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Slower than ExpressVPN and NordVPN

Devices compatible with CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a user-friendly quality provider at a reasonable price. It’s fast enough for streaming and gaming, especially when you’re connected locally. With over 7,400 servers in more than 91 countries worldwide, you should have no problem finding a connection to the specific area you want.

You get the same security and privacy features available on the best VPN companies with CyberGhost, as well as protection from annoying ads popping up on your screen.

You are allowed up to 7 simultaneous connections with the CyberGhost app, and it’s compatible with all of the popular home and mobile devices.

CyberGhost can bypass geo-blocks on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and gaming websites, though it’s not reliable at connecting to any website protected by the Firewall of China.

Most people will be drawn to the CyberGhost 45-day money-back policy, which lets you try its services risk-free for a full month and a half!


  • First-rate security and privacy features
  • Bypasses geo-blocks on streaming and gaming Internet websites
  • Up to 7 simultaneous devices
  • 24/7 live-chat support
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Slower speed when you connect to long-distance servers
  • Can’t bypass geo-blocks in China
  • Not as customizable

Devices compatible with PIA

Private Internet Access is one of the top VPN companies for the city of Rochester with good speed on its 29,000+ servers with locations in 78+ countries worldwide, so you can watch movies and play games without interruption.

You can connect up to 10 devices to the app simultaneously so everyone in your household can be on a VPN server in the country of their choice, and at the same time the app is compatible with most devices so you can use it with your entire home system.

Your VPN server will be protected by top-of-the-line security via an encrypted tunnel with great leak protection so you don’t have to worry about connecting to public wi-fi from locations away from home.

With PIA you can watch geo-blocked content on popular streaming platforms. Just select the proper location on your app before you search for the show or game you want to enjoy.


  • Great security and privacy features
  • Bypasses most geo-blocks
  • Up to 10 simultaneous devices
  • 24/7 live-chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Can’t bypass geo-blocks in the country of China
  • Kill Switch is not available on all devices
  • Based in USA

Can I Use a Free VPN for Rochester?

Free VPNs don’t usually invest in the software needed to reliably get past strong geo-blocks. They also tend to be slower and rarely offer the first-rate security and malware protection that you get when you subscribe to a trusted VPN provider.


What is the best VPN for Rochester?

An in-depth review of VPN resources puts ExpressVPN at the top of the list of best VPNs for the city of Rochester, with its incredible speed, safety, privacy, geo-spoofing, and large server network for connecting to the Internet in Rochester or the country of your choice.


Whether you are a tourist or a student at one of the private colleges, a quality VPN, like ExpressVPN, will let you watch your favorite shows and keep your online identity safe in Rochester.

Try any of our above recommendations out risk-free with a money-back guarantee!

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