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5 Best VPNs for PUBG Mobile & Lite (Tested & Working) in 2024

Last updated: March 29, 2022

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Best VPN for PUBG

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, is an addictive online multiplayer game that was first released in 2017.

While playing PUBG may be fun, it is also considered dangerous and, as such, has been banned in certain countries, like China, some of India, Nepal, and Iraq.

If you are in a blocked region, or on a blocked network, you can still access PUBG by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Aside from helping you bypass restrictions at school, work, or in a restricted country, a VPN can also help you improve your gaming experience, reducing your lag and latency and keeping you safe from online threats.

Currently, the best VPN for PUBG is ExpressVPN, with high speeds and the top privacy and security features.

Keep reading to find out more about our VPN recommendations and how they can give you a better PUBG experience in 2024.

In a Hurry? Here Are the Best VPNs for PUBG (All Versions)

Why You Need a VPN for PUBG

If you are trying to play PUBG mobile from a location that has banned this game, a VPN is necessary in order to play PUBG Mobile Lite.

But, even if you aren’t in China or one of these blocked regions, it can still be quite useful to access your gaming server in a different region to unblock different regional content, or even get access to the game after you may have been blocked for one reason or another.

Using a VPN is also a good way to play PUBG with lower ping, as it allows you to connect to the best server closest to your gaming server.

Perhaps the most important reason to use a VPN to play PUBG is to protect yourself online while gaming, preventing DDoS attacks and cyberattacks that are all too common on PUBG and other online multiplayer game options.

When you use a VPN, your internet connection is encrypted and your IP address is hidden from your internet provider, third parties, and hackers online. Instead, all that will be visible is the IP address corresponding to your VPN server location instead of your real location.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

The VPN industry is packed with dozens of VPNs from which to choose.

Still, it is pretty simple to choose a good VPN if you know what features to seek.

Here are the most important elements to keep in mind when picking a good provider for PUBG:

☑️ Compatible across platforms and devices

☑️ Strict no-logging policy

☑️ Able to bypass anti-VPN software

☑️ Plenty of IP addresses to access

☑️ High-speed connections

☑️ Large server network

☑️ Military-grade encryption

☑️ NAT Firewall to keep out traffic

ExpressVPN offers all of these features and more, keeping gamers safe and protected and helping any game enthusiasts achieve a higher level of gaming.

5 Best VPNs for PUBG

If you are looking for the best VPN for PubG, these are the top providers that will help you play PubG Mobile or PUBG Lite with the best quality and the most secure connection:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN with fast speeds and a secure VPN connection for playing games like PUBG, Dota 2, and more.

With over 3,000 servers in more than 94 countries, it is easy to use PUBG lite by connecting to one of its server locations around the globe.

Using ExpressVPN, you can secure your personal data with military-grade encryption, a Kill Switch, a strict no-logs policy, and DNS leak protection; and it also offers split tunneling, so you can send certain traffic through the VPN tunnel while other traffic is left out.

You can connect your ExpressVPN app to your Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Android TV, or to supported routers (via manual installation); and you can connect up to 5 devices to a single account.

You can also use this VPN to access blocked streaming sites, like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or over 20 Netflix libraries.

While ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than the rest of the VPNs on our list, it is worth the extra cost for its speed, reliability, and server network spanning almost 100 countries worldwide!

You can test it for up to 30 days with a refund guarantee, so you don’t have to commit to this long-term plan until after you try it for yourself!


  • Broad network of servers
  • Fast speeds
  • Up to five devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • 24/7 support via live chat
  • Strict no-logging policy


  • Slightly more expensive than competitors

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

NordVPN is a reliable VPN for PUBG, with more than 5,500 servers in over 60 countries.

You can connect NordVPN to your iOS and Android devices for PUBG mobile, as well to your Windows, macOS. Nord allows users up to 6 connections on a single device.

This VPN offers AES 256-bit encryption, a zero-logs policy, and a malware scanner to protect you from unwanted malware and popups during PUBG Lite.

NordVPN offers users the chance to test this VPN with its 30-day money-back guarantee, and all it takes to cancel within that 30-day period is live chatting with a customer service representative who is available around the clock.

When we tested out this live-chat service, we were pleasantly surprised at how responsive and knowledgeable the representatives were.


  • 6 simultaneous connections.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Live-chat support 24/7
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • More affordable than ExpressVPN


  • Desktop app can be glitchy

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Surfshark is a top VPN service with over 3,200 servers in more than 65 countries.

Surfshark offers users a Kill Switch, DNS and IP leak protection, AES 256bit encryption, and a strict nologs policy; and it offers users unlimited simultaneous connections, allowing anyone to connect a house full of devices to a single user account for as cheap as a little over $2 per month. For real.

Surfshark offers users a 30day moneyback guarantee, and it also lets users connect via live chat to troubleshoot any issues with a representative within seconds.


  • 30-day money-back policy
  • No connection limit
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Affordable price
  • No-logging policy


  • Some amount of buffering
  • Some server trial and error needed

Devices compatible with CyberGhost

If you are looking for a VPN for PUBG with good speeds and a very broad server reach, CyberGhost is it, with over 7,900 servers in over 91 countries.

CyberGhost offers users AES 256-bit encryption, a no-logs policy, and a Kill Switch.

With CyberGhost, users have access to 7 simultaneous connections, as well as an impressive 45day monthback guarantee, so you can test this VPN for a month and a half on a whole slew of devices before committing to a long-term plan.


  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Only around $2 per month
  • 7 devices connections at once
  • AES 256-bit encryption


  • Speeds can be inconsistent

Devices compatible with PIA

Private Internet Access has over 29,000 servers, making it easy to download PUBG Lite and play from any blocked location worldwide.

Private Internet Access lets users subscribe for as little as $2.03/month, and connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to this one plan.

PIA also offers AES 256-bit encryption and a strict no-logs policy, so it is a good option if you want to stay safe while gaming, protected from DDoS attacks and other online threats.

It is, however, based in the privacy-unfriendly USA, so if the location is an important element to you, it might be best to go with one of the top 3 VPN services instead of this one.

PIA offers users a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Almost 30,000 servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Military-grade encryption
  • 10 devices simultaneously
  • Affordable subscription cost


  • Unreliable speeds
  • Inconsistent connectivity at times

Can I Use a Free VPN to Unblock PUBG? 

While it may seem like a good idea to use a free VPN for PUBG, we would urge you to skip the temptation.

For starters, some are actually fake-free VPN providers, and they won’t offer you any of the features that we listed above that are necessary when playing PUBG.

Free VPNs are often slower and lacking in resources, with fewer servers and a lot of crowding on those few servers that are available.

Next, almost half of the free VPNs that are offered actually contain malware, and can even sell your private information to the highest bidder for a profit.

If you want to ensure that you are protected online, we would urge you to use a premium paid VPN, like ExpressVPN, which offers a 30day moneyback guarantee, so you can try it for a month with no strings attached.

How to Unblock PUBG with a VPN

To unblock PUBG using a VPN, follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a reputable VPN, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and follow the steps to complete the installation.
  3. Pick a server to connect to in the location you choose. Remember that the closer the location, the more of the chance for a low latency connection.
  4. Open up PUBG and play with high speeds.

If you have trouble connecting to your VPN server or accessing PUBG, all you have to do is contact the ExpressVPN live-chat representative through ExpressVPN, who will be able to advise you on how to proceed in mere seconds.


Which is the best VPN for PUBG mobile?

The best VPN for PUBG Mobile is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is a user-friendly service with a strict no-logs policy and an encrypted connection, so you can play games with great speeds and maximal protection from anywhere.

Can I play PUBG on all devices with these VPNs?

Using the VPNs on our list, you can play on your Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, or Linux device, and you can set up your VPN on your router using manual configuration or a pre-configured VPN wireless router, which will let you play PUBG on your Xbox, PS4, or your Nintendo Switch, as well.

Can I use a VPN to get skins in PUBG?

Yes, you can use a VPN to get skins in PUBG.

Free gifts in PUBG correspond to your physical region.

PUBG Mobile VPNs let users access particular servers in a particular region to get exclusive skins for their weapons, free of charge.

Using a reputable VPN, like ExpressVPN, you can access free gifts and also get new skins simply by connecting to a server in a new location and opening crates.


So, whether you are trying to play PUBG Mobile from a restricted region, to ensure that you are untraceable online, or to get better gaming quality, using a VPN is key.

Using a VPN might sound intimidating if you are a newbie, but the VPNs on our list are all user-friendly and good for both novices and VPNpros.

Although there are many VPNs on the market these days, the top VPN that we recommend trying is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN offers a zero-logs policy, fast VPN server network, protection against DNS leaks, and more, all with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

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