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5 Best VPNs for Movie Box in 2024

Last updated: January 30, 2023

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Best VPNs for Movie Box

MovieBox is a popular award-winning streaming platform that provides free access to more than 60,000 movies, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons, and music files from all around the globe.

MovieBox uses torrents to provide its content library, powered by P2P technology to help you stream movies and TV shows that you wish to access.

MovieBox also offers the facility to download your favorite movies and TV shows so you can watch them offline, whenever you want.

Since it offers copyrighted content, your IP address can create issues with copyright holders. In order to get the MovieBox app working, and to use it safely, you need to get one of the best VPNs for Movie Box.

Keeping users’ privacy and fast streaming ability in mind, we have come up with a list of the 5 best MovieBox VPN options for you.

In a Hurry? Here Are the 5 Best VPNs for Movie Box

Why You Need a VPN for Movie Box

A VPN is a powerful tool that encrypts the web traffic of its users, sending it through a VPN tunnel to a remote VPN server.

It uses several secure protocols that not only help in hiding your real IP address and online identity, but also keep your browsing data and sensitive activities hidden from your internet service provider and other internet users.

Since MovieBox uses torrents and P2P technology to power its content library, viewers in countries with strict piracy laws (such as the US, the UK, India, Russia, and Australia) are at a high risk of receiving legal notices when using this platform.

This is exactly why you need a VPN for MovieBox.

A MovieBox VPN helps you stream videos on MovieBox in the fastest and safest way, hidden from outside parties that could see you downloading illegal content even inadvertently.

It changes your virtual location to anywhere in the world, depending on the VPN server to which you choose to connect, masking your real IP address and location entirely.

You can use a VPN service to watch movies and television shows not only on MovieBox but several other streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Movie Box 

To choose the best VPN for MovieBox, or other streaming platforms, look for the following features:

☑️ The capability of outsmarting VPN trackers of MovieBox and streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

☑️ A large network of servers so you gain access to a lot of IP addresses from different countries. This will aid you when you travel outside of your country or when you wish to watch movies and TV shows from content libraries of different streaming sites from around the world.

☑️ Excellent security and privacy features to protect against data and IP leaks.

☑️ The best speeds so you can stream, torrent, or download content without facing any buffering issues.

☑️ VPN apps that are compatible with all of your devices and user-friendly.

☑️ They should also have 24/7 customer support, and a trusted money-back guarantee.

5 Best VPN Service Options for MovieBox

Below are the 5 powerful VPN service providers for MovieBox.

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for MovieBox

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is among the best VPN services, offering advanced security measures for MovieBox streaming.

It offers more than 3,000 fastest VPN servers across almost a hundred different locations around the globe, and there are numerous features that ensure your security and privacy.

ExpressVPN offers a built-in Kill Switch that protects your IP from being leaked in case of a weak VPN server connection; split tunneling that allows choosing which apps should use a VPN connection and which ones should use your regular internet connection; AES 256-bit encryption; DNS and IP leak protection; and a no-logs policy.

Thanks to the use of lightweight secure protocols, ExpressVPN offers speeds that no other VPN can match.

It is an overall excellent VPN service not only for MovieBox, but also for unblocking other OTT platforms, playing online games, and accessing the web securely and anonymously. This provider is also based in the British Virgin Islands, which is outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Information-Sharing Alliance.

You can use this VPN on your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, Linux, Fire TV, Android TV, and other devices, and you can even use it on some routers.


  • Unbeatably fast speeds
  • Over 3,000 servers across more than 94 countries
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Seamless VPN server connection
  • Military-grade VPN encryption
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • More costly

2. NordVPN – Secure VPN Connection

Devices compatible with NordVPN

NordVPN is another great VPN for MovieBox, with excellent security and privacy features.

Not only is it fast, but also reliably gets past the internet trackers of popular OTT sites, websites, and big online games seamlessly, so you can access pretty much any streaming app, torrenting site, or other online destination from any region.

In addition to all the security measures that ExpressVPN offers to its users, NordVPN provides some extra features, such as a double VPN functionality to send your traffic through a second layer of encryption, and its CyberSec feature.

The CyberSec technology protects you against ads, malware, spyware, and malicious software and content. NordVPN based in Panama, which is a privacy-friendly locale.

Moreover, it is also fast in unblocking MovieBox and other OTT sites, and also offers unlimited bandwidth to let you stream without any limitations.


  • Fast speeds
  • More than 5,500 servers across 60+ countries
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Cheaper than ExpressVPN
  • DoubleVPN
  • CyberSec
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Not all servers optimized for torrenting
  • VPN app for desktop devices is slower

3. Surfshark – Affordable VPN (Movie Box)

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Surfshark is the best VPN for MovieBox if you are looking for a very affordable option and have a lot of devices that you want to connect to a single VPN account, offering an unlimited number of device connections simultaneously.

Surfshark is also one of the few widespread VPN services that have servers across about a hundred countries around the world.

Surfshark has all the necessary security attributes that ExpressVPN has, including a Kill Switch, split tunneling, AES 256-bit encryption, and DNS and IP leak protection, and is based in the British Virgin Islands, Surfshark has a zero-logs policy and a privacy-friendly jurisdiction.

This VPN has apps compatible with your Android and iOS devices, as well as with your Windows, Mac, Apple TV, and more.


  • 3,200+ servers across more than 95 countries
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Budget VPN service
  • Servers in almost 100 countries
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Inconsistent speeds
  • Tends to have more buffering

4. CyberGhost – 45-Day Refund Policy

Devices compatible with CyberGhost

Offering all major security features by default with all its apps, CyberGhost is the best VPN for MovieBox for newbies.

CyberGhost’s apps are extremely intuitive and CyberGhost also offers a refund period of 45 days, unlike other VPN services listed here that offer the same for 30 days. This means you can test your VPN usage for a month and a half with no risk!

It also offers a Kill Switch, a no-logs policy, DNS and IP leak protection, and AES-256-bit encryption to protect your data and traffic against cybercrimes, and it is based in privacy-friendly Romania.


  • Great speeds
  • Over 8,900 servers across more than 91 countries
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • The cheapest VPN of all on the list
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited payment options

Devices compatible with PIA

PIA is another good VPN, which has over 35,000 servers globally, offering a huge number of IP addresses to users who want to download torrent files without repercussions.

PIA offers AES 256-bit encryption, but its default setting is only 128-bit, so we would advise users to opt for the higher level if accessing this platform.

Despite the fact that PIA offers military-grade protection and a no-logs policy, it is at the bottom of our list because it is based in the USA, and is a member of the 5-Eyes Alliance. This means that your activity can potentially be passed on to the authorities if it is stored.


  • More than 35,000 servers across 78+ countries
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Cheaper than ExpressVPN and NordVPN
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Based in the USA (5-Eyes Alliance)
  • Not as fast as the above VPNs
  • 128-bit by default

Can I Use a Free VPN for Movie Box? 

I would not suggest using a free VPN for MovieBox, or accessing TV shows or movies on any streaming app, for that matter.

Free VPNs are simply not reliable when it comes to being able to bypass geo-restrictions, and they are definitely not secure and private enough to hide your real IP address.

Instead of using a free version of a VPN, it is better to use a premium VPN to watch MovieBox content.

All of the VPN services above offer much more reliable and consistent service than any free VPN, and they all offer a money-back guarantee policy.

You can use this policy to test your MovieBox VPN risk-free, and if you are unhappy with it, you can choose to cancel your service and claim your money back from the provider.

How to Set Up a VPN for Movie Box

Once you are done with installing the MovieBox APK file and setting it up on your device, you will need a MovieBox VPN so you can stream without worrying about copyright violations.

Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up a VPN for MovieBox easily:

  1. Search for one of the best MovieBox VPNs, such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Look for a suitable plan and subscribe to it on the official website of the VPN.
  3. Download the VPN app onto your device and sign in to it.
  4. Connect to one of the VPN servers in a country where piracy isn’t a legal offense. You can either choose the auto-connect feature of the VPN or manually connect to the server of your choosing.
  5. Access the MovieBox app or MovieBox Pro app and start watching MovieBox content.

MovieBox Not Working with VPN? Possible Fixes 

Even though using a VPN for MovieBox is super easy, there have been complaints from several users about their MovieBox VPN not working.

Below are some of the possible fixes if your MovieBox VPN doesn’t work with your device.

Reboot your device and sign into your MovieBox VPN again. The most effective way of getting your MovieBox VPN working on your device again is to restart it.

  1. Whether it is an Apple TV, Android device, or iOS device, reboot it.
  2. After that, sign out of your MovieBox VPN and then sign in again with your username and password.
  3. Upon successful secure connection to MovieBox VPN, start watching your favorite content and enjoy a great streaming experience anonymously.

Change the VPN settings on your device. With a small alteration in your VPN settings, you can easily solve connection issues.

  1. Go to Settings > General > VPN > Settings.
  2. Choose PPTP and enter the details asked.
  3. Then, choose the encryption level as “Auto,” select “Send All Traffic,” and Save the changes.

The fixes given above resolve the issues in most cases. However, if your MovieBox is still showing problems, I suggest removing both MovieBox and VPN from your device and then re-installing both apps again.


Can I use a VPN with MovieBox?

Yes. You can (and Should!) use a VPN for MovieBox.

Is it legal to use a VPN for MovieBox?

Watching copyrighted movies and shows is illegal and can result in infringement fines or punishments. However, if you use a VPN for MovieBox, you will be accessing the internet connection anonymously and so there will be no violations linked back to you.

Moreover, using a VPN helps avoid getting your IP banned from MovieBox, like in the case of other streaming sites.

Thus, it becomes necessary to use a VPN for MovieBox and it is completely legal.

*VPNbrains does not condone using your VPN for any illegal activity online.


MovieBox is a video-on-demand streaming platform that uses torrents and P2P technology to let its users watch copyrighted content. Because of the nature of this site, streaming on MovieBox using your real IP address might result in you winding up in trouble.

A VPN can help avoid this trouble.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to use with MovieBox, with great speeds, widespread servers, excellent security and privacy attributes, and the consistent ability to bypass geo-restrictions.

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