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5 Best VPNs for Digital Nomads in 2023

April 26, 2023

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Do you travel a lot for business? Or, are you an adventure seeker who likes to take work on the go? Whether you’re a full-on digital nomad or a remote employee who enjoys traveling the world, having a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a must.

Most digital nomads know that despite it being called the World Wide Web, the Internet can actually be quite limiting depending on where you’re located. What was available to you in one country won’t necessarily be available to you in another. Even the simplest task of accessing your bank account or catching up on local news will be challenging when you’re traveling from location to location.

There’s also censorship and Internet safety to consider. Your risk of being hacked or spied on drastically increases when you’re traveling abroad and are at the mercy of public wifi networks. Similar to not wanting to leave your wallet unattended at the risk of having it stolen, you won’t want to use a public wifi network without the proper online protection at the risk of your personal information being taken.

Using a reliable VPN while traveling will add a layer of protection so that your sensitive data, online activity, and device security won’t be compromised when using public wifi.

A VPN will also bypass geo-blocks and other Internet filters to ensure global content access from anywhere in the world. So you can keep up with local news, sports, and do all the banking you need. Keep on reading to learn more!

In a Hurry? Here Are the Best 5 VPNs for Digital Nomads

Why Digital Nomads, Travelers, & Remote Workers Need a VPN

The digital nomad trend is growing, and it’s no wonder why. Working remotely can be great both for productivity and mental health, allowing you to work while seeing the world. But switching from wifi network to wifi network can have its drawbacks, too. It raises serious security threats, and can also block you from accessing the sites you need.

Here are the top reasons it’s crucial for a digital nomad to use a VPN:

Online privacy

Data security is important for everyone, but if you are getting your Internet access from a coffee shop and working with sensitive data through its public wifi network, you are especially vulnerable and need to be aware of the risks.

Open wifi exposes you to anyone sharing the network and hackers who break into it. Even a network that says it’s secured can’t be trusted since you don’t know who else is on it.

This means that Digital Nomads are at risk in both directions. Not only can your information be stolen once you send an email, but you can also get a malicious link stuck into an email you receive, welcoming hackers and malware onto your device.

By hiding your actual location and encrypting your data, a VPN will keep your personal info and device safe from attackers and threats no matter from where you are getting your Internet access.

Accessing bank accounts

Often, accessing your bank account and paying bills from a foreign country will red-flag your account and block you from accessing it. This is an important security feature but can be a hassle for digital nomads who are always traveling to different countries.

When you connect through a VPN service, the only IP address your bank can see is the one to which you’re connected. So, if you are paying your bills from a hammock in the sunny Caribbean but connect to your hometown browser, your bank will think you’re back at home and give you full access to all your accounts.

Bypassing geoblocked content

Due to geo-restrictions and licensing agreements, you may not be able to access your favorite streaming channels and news sites when abroad. Or, even if you can access the site, the content offered may be restricted, making it challenging to keep up with the news back at home.

By offering you a selection of IP addresses to choose from, you can choose to appear as if you are back at home, so you can unblock streaming channels and keep up with your favorite shows and current events.

Protection from censorship and governments

While missing out on current events and the latest TV episodes may be annoying, a much heavier price will have to be paid for trying to access government-blocked sites in a foreign country.

Different countries ban sites ranging from violent content to LBGT sites, anti-government news sites, and other content that may go against the government’s value system. Depending on the country, penalties for accessing restricted sites and content can be as extreme as getting arrested.

A VPN is useful here for two main reasons. The first visit will allow you to connect to a different VPN server, located in your home country, giving you the ability to bypass the geo-blocks and access the content you want.

It will also encrypt your Internet traffic so that government surveillance agencies can’t track your online activity and won’t keep logs of your traffic, so nothing can be traced back to you.

VoIP use & other easily tracked activities

Any online activity that shows your location is threatening to digital nomads. Many governments out there monitor where VoIP traffic is going, and some even spy on the messages. Hackers also frequently use messaging services like WhatsApp and VoIP to get access to users’ personal information. So, if you’re using these messaging platforms on your mobile devices, you’ll want the encrypted connection to keep your data secure.

What to Look for in a VPN 

A VPN will work wherever you have Internet access and will cover you on a few different fronts. While most of us use a VPN to protect our browser data, a VPN can also protect cloud storage, file transfers, and torrents.

The best VPN for digital nomads will have strong encryption, leak protection, and a wide network of servers so that you can access content globally. Fast speed is another important criterion since many public wifi networks are already slow, so you don’t want a sluggish VPN server slowing things even further.

How to Choose the Best VPN as a Digital Nomad 

When looking for the perfect VPN for digital nomads, you’ll want to keep in mind the following criteria:

☑️ Server Network — The bigger the server network, the more location options you’ll have from which to choose. This is especially useful if you like to stream certain shows from different locations.

☑️ Bandwidth restrictions — If you like to stream shows or download files, you’ll have to make sure you have enough bandwidth available to get it done. Free VPN services tend to limit your bandwidth, so it’s worth it to invest in a premium VPN provider.

☑️ Simultaneous connections — If you’re traveling with your computer, phone, and tablet, you’ll want a VPN provider that allows you to connect to multiple devices, so that all your Internet traffic will be securely protected on all your devices.

☑️ Speed — Internet speed is key whether you’re sending emails to clients, downloading contracts, or just watching movies from your favorite streaming services.

☑️ Security protocols —While a VPN allows you to browse completely anonymously, some VPN providers keep logs of your activity. You will want to look for a provider who not only protects your data with encryption but also has a nologs policy.

☑️ Customer support — When you’re traveling through different time zones, you’ll want a customer service team that’s available 24/7 for any problems or concerns.

5 Best VPNs for Digital Nomads 

Here are the 5 VPNs that came out on top for digital nomads:

1. ExpressVPN — Best VPN for digital nomads

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

Express VPN is the best VPN for digital nomads and is the leading VPN in the industry. With over 3,000 servers spread across 94 countries, you will have Internet freedom at your fingertips wherever you are.

Express VPN offers lightningfast connection speed whether you are connecting to a local server or a server around the globe. So, unblocking major platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or BBC iPlayer, will be easy and smooth.

This provider protects all your online data with secure protocols, like OpenVPN protocol, and it has an automatic Kill Switch, militarygrade encryptionDNS leak protection, and a strict nologs policy, so your data, browsing history, and the entire network will be secure.

Plus, this VPN service is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, so all of your activity and information will remain out of government reach.

ExpressVPN is compatible with all major platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS; and since most digital nomads travel with many different devices, it’s important to note that you can have up to 5 simultaneous connections on just one account.

ExpressVPN is known for its responsive, knowledgeable customer support team. If you are not satisfied with its service in the end, you can opt-out within 30 days for a full refund, guaranteed, so there is nothing to lose.


  • Easy to use across platforms
  • 24/7 live-support chat support
  • Top security features
  • 5 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • More expensive than the other VPNs

2. NordVPN — Reliable VPN service

Devices compatible with NordVPN

Nord is another one of the best VPN services that we recommend for digital nomads, offering 5,200+ VPN servers in over 60 countries around the globe.

With its top-notch online security features, like 256bit encryption, a Kill Switch, policy against logging your activity, DNS requests, and more, your data will always remain secure.

Nord also offers double VPN protection that will send your online traffic through an extra layer of encryption to ensure you another level of added security. With Nord, you can also opt for a dedicated IP if you need to get secure banking done, or need remote access to something more sensitive.

If you are worried about surveillance, it is good to note that Nord is based in Panama, far from the 5/9/14 Eyes surveillance, and it also offers a strict zerologs policy.

Its VPN software is compatible with all major devices, like Windows, Apple, iPhone, and Mac, and can be used to unblock major streaming sites like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix. Plus, you can connect to up to six devices at once, so you’ll be able to use your computer, tablet, and phone without compromising your speed or quality.


  • Double VPN and obfuscated servers
  • No-logging policy
  • Military-grade 256-bit encryption
  • Cheaper price than ExpressVPN
  • 6 user connections on one plan


  • Speeds can be slower in advanced mode

3. Surfshark Budget Virtual Private Network

Devices compatible with Surfshark

If you’re a digital Nomad on a budget, Surfshark is a great option for you. It promises you a secure connection with included security features like militarygrade 256bit AES encryptionsplit tunneling, double encryption, Kill Switch, and its special CleanWeb suite, which blocks ads and protects against malware.

Surfshark is also located in the British Virgin Islands, which is not included in the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. It also has a strict nologs policy, so your online activity is never tracked or kept.

SurfShark is compatible will all major operating systems, like Windows, Android, Macand iOS. Plus, users get unlimited simultaneous connections, which is more than most other VPN services will allow.


  • No-logging policy
  • Unlimited number of connections
  • 24/7 live support
  • Option for dedicated IP
  • Top security features
  • Easy of use


  • Slightly slower speeds
  • Split tunneling only on some platforms

4. CyberGhost — Offers 45-day money-back guarantee

Devices compatible with CyberGhost

CyberGhost allows 7 simultaneous connections If you’re a digital nomad constantly on the go, CyberGhost is a good VPN for protecting your Internet connection. With over 7,700 servers located in 90 countries around the world, you’ll have the coverage you need to protect your personal information when using unsecured free wifi.

This VPN provider has reliable VPN protocols to secure your Internet activity, 256bit AES encryption, a Kill Switch, and a builtin ad blocker.

Plus, CyberGhost is based in Romania, which is out of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. Its location, together with its reassuring zero logs policy, ensures that your activity will never be kept or tracked.

What sets this VPN service apart from other VPN providers is its 45day moneyback guarantee. So, if you’re not satisfied with the service, all you have to do is contact customer support and you get your money back. on a single subscription, which makes it a great VPN for digital nomads who have many devices to protect.


  • Large server network
  • 45-day refund guarantee
  • Use up to 7 connections at once
  • Good privacy features


  • Slower long-distance speeds

5. UltraVPN — VPN with Great Speeds

Devices compatible with UltraVPN

UltraVPN may be small but is one of the best VPNs for digital nomads. With only 100 servers in almost 60 countries, its connection speed and reliability were still impressive.

Ultra VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and more, and it allows you to use 6 devices simultaneously on a single account.

This provider has excellent security features, like 256bit militarygrade encryption, and an automatic Kill Switch that will protect your data if the Internet fails.

It is important to note that UltraVPN is based in the US, which is a 5/9/14 Eyes country. While it claims that it does not keep logs, when we checked further, it turns out that it does collect the users IP addresslocationand device information, but not any logs of your activity.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Fast speeds
  • AES 256-bit encryption


  • Keeps some logs
  • Slower speeds
  • In 5-Eyes country


If you’re looking for the best VPN for digital nomads, whether it’s to keep up with local news, work securely, have access to your bank account, or just stay up to date with your social media accounts, ExpressVPN is the best VPN service. It offers the highest level of security, speed, and reliability, so your personal info will always remain secure as you unblock and access any content you desire.

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