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Best VPN for Cincinnati in 2024

Last updated: June 8, 2022

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If you’ve never been to Cincinnati, now is the time to go! On the northern edge of the Ohio and Licking Rivers, Cincinnati is a city that is home to some of the best sports events, museums, festivals, and sites.

Whether you are a sports fan planning a trip to Cincinnati to watch your favorite team; one of the many college students studying at the University of Cincinnati; or a tourist looking to catch one of the cultural events in Ohio, you are going to want to use a VPN during your travels.

When you use a virtual private network (VPN), your real IP address and location are hidden, and you can connect to a server in a different city or region. Then, all that will be visible will be your new IP address that corresponds to your VPN’s server, making it look like you are in a location that will permit you to watch your favorite content. Keep on reading to find out the top VPN service for Cincinnati in 2024!

In a Hurry? Here Are 5 Best VPN Services for Cincinnati

Why You Need a Cincinnati VPN

Whether you are a fan of the Cincinnati FC, Cincinnati Bengals (NFL), or Cincinnati Reds (MLB), you may be planning a trip to this city to watch your favorite team play at the TQL Stadium or elsewhere.

If you are trying to watch your sports team virtually from Ohio, you might have a lot of trouble doing so because of licensing rights and restrictions that limit the sports games you can watch from within your city.

By using a VPN to watch sports from Cincinnati, you can avoid blackouts and restrictions and stream soccer, football, or any of your sports events, even if they are ordinarily blocked locally.

In order to bypass geo-restrictions with a VPN, all you have to do is connect to a VPN server in a region outside of Cincinnati, and you will have access to live streams of the Cincinnati FC, Cincinnati Reds, or other teams in no time.

Another reason to use a VPN in Cincinnati is to protect yourself if you are traveling the city and connecting to free WI-Fi around town on your mobile phone or laptop. By connecting to a VPN server, your Internet traffic will be encrypted and your IP address will be hidden. This will protect you from data breaches and other online threats.

If you are a foreigner who finds yourself blocked from your home TV and movie content, or other website content from Ohio, you can connect from Cincinnati to a VPN server back home to unblock your local Internet access in your home city as if you never left.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Cincinnati 

The best Cincinnati VPNs have:

☑️ Compatibility with all major devices, like your Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

☑️ A wide range of server options in countries around the globe, including in any country or city that are trying to unblock services.

☑️ Reputation for being able to unblock restricted content and get past sports blackouts or other blackouts.

☑️ Access to high-speed servers to ensure seamless streaming from any city.

☑️ Stable connection so you can watch your games and sports content without buffering from anywhere in the world.

5 Best VPNs for Cincinnati 

Here are the top VPNs you can rely on when accessing the web in Cincinnati or from anywhere:

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN with servers spread across over 94 countries, including in the USA in locations near Cincinnati. While it does not have servers in this city itself, it has plenty in close by in New York City, Washington DC, and Chicago that will help unblock local services and sports in no time.

This VPN company also guarantees that it will keep your activity private and secure at all times, with a strict nologging policy, military-grade encryption, and a Kill Switch.

When it comes to getting past geo-restrictions of all sorts, this VPN is at the top of the pack. You can access the best sports to follow any team you want using ExpressVPN; and users can connect ExpressVPN to any Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, or Linux device. You can test out this service for up to 30 days, risk-free, with its 30day moneyback guarantee.


  • 30-day refund guarantee
  • Top online privacy and security features
  • Won’t log any activity or user information
  • Spans 94+ countries around the world
  • Live-chat service 24/7


  • A bit pricier than competitors

2. NordVPN

Devices compatible with NordVPN

If you are trying to watch your favorite Cincinnati team or access a blocked live-stream site, NordVPN is a great company on which to rely, with server options in nearby New York City, Chicago, and elsewhere in the USA, adding up to almost 2,000 servers in the US alone, so your sports streaming possibilities are endless!

With this service, you can sign in and connect to a server either locally near Cinci, or outside the country in over 60 different country locations. If you want to test out NordVPN, you can sign up for an account and cancel at any point within the first 30 days, risk-free.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Reliable security
  • 24/7 live-chat support
  • Strict no-log policy


  • Desktop app not as reliable

Devices compatible with Surfshark

Surfshark is a more affordable premium VPN service that has a pretty impressive VPN server span spread across over 65 countries.

Surfshark allows users to connect an unlimited number of devices to a single user account at once, so you can use your VPN’s connection to search for your favorite NFL game while your family members access other sports game simultaneously from any other device. This allows sports fans in one family to each follow their preferred team without fighting!


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Military-grade data encryption
  • Easy-to-install apps
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Very affordable


  • Slower speeds
  • Some buffering

Devices compatible with CyberGhost

If you are looking to unblock your favorite games and events from your city, CyberGhost offers access to a network of over 7,700 servers in more than 91 countries, so you will never have trouble accessing your beloved sports team or the big game from wherever you may be.

Users love that CyberGhost actually gives a longer trial period, so you can create a username and password and subscribe and then use this provider for 45 days with a refund guarantee.


  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 7 device connections
  • Over 7,700 server options
  • Military-grade encryption


  • Speeds can be inconsistent

Devices compatible with PIA

PIA has a huge network of over 29,000 servers spread throughout over 78 countries around the world, including the USA, so you will be able to unblock events and sports action from all around the world using this provider.

If you are looking for a provider that will keep you safe and secure online, PIA does have features like military-grade encryption and a no-logs policy, but it is good to keep in mind that this service happens to be based in the USA, which is not a privacy-friendly jurisdiction.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Huge number of server options
  • No-logs policy
  • SOCKS5 Proxy available


  • Based in USA (In 5-Eyes territory)

Can I Use a Free VPN for Cincinnati?

While it might seem like a good idea to try to watch your NFL or other sports team using a free service, we would advise against it. While it may seem like a no-brainer to save a few dollars per month, these services tend to be inadequate when it comes to breaking through any blocks or blackouts, and they can even put you at risk.


What is the best VPN for Cincinnati?

The top VPN to use for Cincinnati is ExpressVPN. Using ExpressVPN, you can get past any blocks or blackouts to watch your favorite sports games, search for local Cinci services, or access the Internet on your computer or mobile device safely even from public Wi-Fi.


Whether you are looking to watch sports, access local events, or sign in to the web safely on public WI-fi, VPNs are the best resources when it comes to accessing the Internet from Cincinnati in 2024.

With ExpressVPN, you will be able to catch any team or any game, whether soccer (FC Cincinnati), NFL Football, baseball, or others, even if you are outside the country, or in a place in the world that is typically restricted. You can try out any of the VPNs on our list above for a month (or more) with no strings attached, so there is no reason to wait!

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